A journey of many minds


Greetings to you all:

Today you are experiencing a journey of many minds.

First you met the mind of your parents, which were built through the association of many memories they lived up until you came in – it has somewhat condition yours.

Then, came the mind of your family, friends and peers – drops of it has somewhat conditioned yours.

Soon after came school, with it, your teachers and colleagues pouring drops of their own mind into yours – more conditioning.

The different life passages you had the privilege to experience contributed to your mind conditioning – your mind is beginning to question itself!

(I could go on…)

Today we are living and experiencing the ‘social mind’ – internet, Facebook, linked-in, twitter, google, etc. – which is wonderful, we need however, not to get lost in the journey of many minds.

Spending too much time on Facebook, internet, TV… may void your own genuine mind.

“Who’s thinking what you are thinking? Is it really you or the conditioning you have received?”

You must beware of this my fellow traveler… don’t get caught in the illusion and lose your precious self – become mindless.

  1. Take walks alone – leave the cell phone at home.

  2. Meditate by focusing on the body, mind and Spirit – that you have.

  3. Dance and sing with life – life will just do the same thing back to you.

  4. Listen to everything but attach yourself to nothing – no one holds the supreme truth, we all hold a particle of IT.

  5. Choose your group. Remember, it may end up to be very small.

  6. Honor life, but understand that it is forever transmuting.

Sincerely yours,

António L. Santos

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