ACCIDENTS | do they really exist? | do they really happen?


ACCIDENTS | do they really exist? | do they really happen?

(by Antonio L. Santos)

‘Victims are, what responsible people are not…’

A. L. Santos

I have often wondered about accidents – what they mean and why so many of them occur. There are reasons, alcohol, speed, impatience, distraction – all these contribute to the high statistics, but did they mean something more. Rubert’s explanation for illnesses would obviously apply to accidents, but I had to be sure – so I asked him.

“Rubert can you tell me about accidents, why do they happen?”

“There are no accidents, Antonio, just as there are no coincidences. When someone is involved in an accident, it is always a call for higher awareness. If the person is honest with himself, he will recognize the hidden messages that lie behind these ‘accidents’.

            Throughout your life you have had many accidents, have you not? Can you remember three for me?”

“Let’s see… the first thing that comes to my mind is my car accidents. There was my Honda Prelude with which I had five accidents, not to mention that it was stolen four times.”

“Have you asked yourself Antonio, why you survived even the bad ones? The reason you have, is because I was there protecting you – it was not time for you to go. You still had much to accomplish – but do you know why you had so many accidents?”

“No!… Yes!… I’m not sure.”

“It was to make you aware. When you bought that car, you fell in love with it. Then, you became obsessed with it. Then, you committed fraud with it, at one point it became more important to you, than your own family. So, you became obsessed with it, we scratched it in many ways. You committed fraud with its insurance, you were no longer insurable. You fell in love with it, we had it stolen. It became more important to you than your own family, we took it away.”

“But that is mean. I never thought Spirit Guides were able to do such things to people. Where is the compassion you often talk about?”

“This is real genuine compassion. I love you, and I went through a great deal of effort to keep you from getting hurt physically. As you already know, before coming into this planet, you have designed your life plan. I agreed to accompany you and keep an eye on you. I am only fulfilling my agreement with you and doing exactly what you, yourself, told me to do. In this lifetime you chose not to become overly enamored with the material world – I reminded you.”

“You’re telling me, I chose those accidents?”

“Not exactly. You chose them as options, in case you veered away from your path, in order to bring you back to awareness.”

Everything he was saying made some sort of sense because I was indeed obsessed with that car. However I had owned other cars and I was not obsessed with them – and yet I had had accidents with those cars. So I asked him about that.

            “I do not mean to hurt your feelings, but this time the obsession was a little different. You were becoming obsessed with yourself. After discovering your Spiritual self you became very pretentious. You were taking yourself way too seriously. The spiritual discovery you had made, needed some harnessing, for you were getting a little out of hand.”

I must admit that I wasn’t particularly impressed with my attitude those days – I was actually an ass at times. But still I wanted to know why the cars so I asked.

            “You must understand that I did not choose the car accidents, you did! You obviously knew that these accidents would hurt you by limiting your freedom of traveling and also because fixing them would involve a huge expense – this was what you, yourself, thought you would need to suffer in order to bring you back to reflection and awareness. Still, you are very stubborn for it took you many cars and many years to get you back on track and to remind you that you were a little too enamored with the material.”

I wondered if I would have any more accidents, so I asked him. “Is the car thing over with now?”

            “Yes it is. When was the last time you had some kind of car accident?”

“I have not had one since the last that cured my pretentious big head. Rubert, have all the accidents I’ve had throughout my lifetime been a means to keep me in check?”

            “My dearest friend… anything that happens to anyone in the physical dimension, is to keep them in check.”

“Well they worked, because those accidents gave me sleepless nights, deep reflection, and great appreciation for my family. But what about accidents where people actually get hurt – this too was their own doing?”

            “I can not speak for them, for I am not their Spiritual guide. But I can give you some examples of why these things happen. People get hurt in accidents for various reasons: to bring dramatic changes into their lives forcing them to become more loving, more caring; to change their value systems so that they do not take life for granted; to teach their own family the value of their own existence. There are a multitude of reasons, all as individuals as the bodies that carry their Souls. Accidents and illnesses remain the best remedy for you humans to gain awareness.”

“Isn’t this a form of punishment Rubert?”

            “If it is, it comes from them to themselves. They have chosen it for themselves. These situations are simply balances for you, brought upon you by your own choice to evolve. If I were to impose any kind of punishment on you, it would never have the same effect you would resent it instead. It is you who understand best what you need to follow through with your mission and lessons here.”

“So am I to understand then, that if a drunk driver hurts someone, he should not be punished?”

            “You have to understand and accept that there is no one-way lesson on earth. The experience is always mutual, meaning, something for the aggressor and something for the victim. Punishment to the drunk driver will bring him to his own reflection.”

“One last question about accidents. What about the deadly ones? What is the purpose of dying in one?”

            “It takes a sexual act to bring someone to life. It takes some form of accident to take them back. It is as simple as that.”

“Maybe not that simple for those who have lost loved ones.”

            “True. But still, it is all a matter of perception. Humanity has accepted birth, but after all this time, you still have not accepted death. Yet, both are so part of the physical experience. The problem for most is their belief that death is the end. You cry because you think you will never see your loved ones again. You do not know that often, after death there is birth within that same family. Most of you are on the same circle of life, which means upon death you come back within the same group, only now you have a different position. You were the father, now you are the son. You were the cousin, now you are the brother. You were the mean one, now you are the tender and gentle one. You were the abused wife, now you are the one looked upon for discipline. When you are living in the Light, you can understand and accept. Instead of getting upset or thinking of yourself as a victim, you surrender to the Soul’s purpose. When you see through the Light, life becomes much easier to live. Look at your own life. You have had ups and downs. Your life has been quite challenging and demanding at times, not because life itself has thrown the challenges at you, but because you have placed them there for yourself – and they have served you as a means by which to evolve. As your evolution grew and you opened your eyes to the Light, the ups and downs ceased. You are in a great position to tell your brothers and sisters that in fact, accidents do not happen by chance. All of you carry this information. I am not telling you anything you do not already know. What I am doing, is reminding you of who you are, and why things happen the way they do to you. I am also reminding you that you can be living your life without accidents. Making your way to awareness can bring you the peaceful life you seek.

            You must not forget that there are no accidents and there are no victims. If you find yourself in someone else’s accident it is because you are or have become personally or collectively connected to that specific drama.”

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