Benjamin Netanyahu

Binyamin Netanyahu

Greetings to you all. Before I begin, I want everyone to know that my readings are TOTALLY impartial, they are based on the information written in codes and symbols – I simply learned how to read them.

Benjamin Netanyahu has a very interesting life code.

When we look at his Destiny 9, Expression 7, Motivation 7 and Maturity 7, together with the influence of his first Period 1, first Pinnacle 4, Personality 3 and grid 357 empty, this is what I conclude:

He’s a very intelligent man, believes in his own ‘truth’, is stubborn and sufficiently hard headed enough to follow through his own convictions. I don’t have to mention to any of my students that this is a combination for dogmatism – authority, convinced and hard fist, product of the combination of numbers seen above. His two Challenge 2s – extremely sensitive – comes to amplify this situation. He takes everything to heart and has a hard time accepting other people’s opinions if they are opposed to his – his three marriages should confirm this to be true.

When I look at his chart, I have to say that he is definitely inner confused – incompatible in his own code – we only have to look at what he does, what he lives and how he lives the information within his code. This man should’ve been a great humanitarian, philanthropist, a healer and teacher of people – his Motivation 7 speaks of a memory – a great spiritual, a real Ghandi, but, of course, it is karmic – 16/7 and the result is what we see today on TV.

His both thumbs are large, it indicates character, persistence, determination and courage – a very strong personality. Because his Jupiter finger – index – is short when compared with the Sun finger – ring finger – all the characteristics above will be used rather selfishly, not only for himself, but for the people he represents. The focus behind all he does is first and foremost for image – a false leadership!

This code produces loyalty – he’s loyal to his peers’ wishes and desires, what they say and think about him is quite important to him. The Jewish beliefs and discipline are, without a doubt, monitoring his Destiny code, and this is why it is quite easy to kill and destroy anyone who’s not a Jew – the reckless bombings killing anything in their passage confirms this. Why do I say this!? When you have a Destiny 9, Expression 25/7, Motivation 16/7 and Inner Desires 9, humanity and true spirituality – the one that unites people, instead of separating them – comes before all. This Destiny code has within it the power to stop anything even before it starts.

He has Fire hands, long palms and short fingers, which means that he’s smart and quick thinking. Both of his Head lines are firmly connected to his Life lines – family, country and beliefs are crucial to him. He lives to serve – to work – both Life lines are connected to his Saturn line – line of vocation, work and service – quite huge in his active hand – the right.

We can also clearly see a Mercury line – line going to the little finger – in his active hand but absent in his passive – left hand. This amplifies the thirst for status and image. The fact of being absent in the passive – past – simply means that life has brought him to a position of prestige.

He’s presently living his Personal Year 1 until October – his next birth day – it is no surprise for us to see the actions he has taken lately. Now, August, he’s living his Personal Month 9, hopefully this will help him bring this massacre to an end. This so called ‘conflict’ – the Tiger VS the mousse – should come to an end, and perhaps, find an ever lasting solution. His code – used positively – could if he wanted to, accomplish that.

This is a little Reading that I decided to start doing about personalities who have great impact in our society… I hope it is somewhat useful to you.

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