Change the Frequency and keep your Radio! (ROCKLAND, Ont.)


Change the Frequency…

…and keep your Radio!

With Author and Holistic-Coach

Antonio L. Santos

At the RiverRock Inn, 2808 Chamberland,


Sunday April 28th 2019 | From 10:30am to à 5:30pm

  1. Tickets are $65 ( | 450-218-3014)


  1. 10:30 | Introduction and intuitive readings to some volunteers present.

  2. 11:00 | 2019 Outlook – what to expect and look for.

  3. 11:30 | Introduction to HOLISTIC NLP. The NEURO-LINGUISTIC-PROGRAMING we know deals with the Conscious and Subconscious mind – the Hard-Drive #2. Holistic NLP integrates the information encrypted on Hard Drive #1. A MUST understand.

  1. 12:30 | Lunch

  1. 13:30 | The ROOT/SEQUENCE of all your troubles: SENSATION moves to HUMOUR, then EMOTION, BEHAVIOUR, CHARACTER, PERSONALITY, ultimately IDENTITY. Your reality doesn’t have to be ‘THE REALITY’!

  2. 15:00 | Build a solid foundation applying the simple, yet so powerful ‘The 7 Hawaiian Shamanic Principals HUNA: IKE, KALA, MAKIA, MANAWA, ALOHA, MANA, PONO. Understand them and create a new different life.

  3. 16:00 | HO’OPONOPONO together with EFT. This was for me a major breakthrough! The results are instantly felt! ‘TAP IN’ into your AURA the four felt sentences that HEAL, CLEAN and PURIFY ‘memories and programing’. This technic can also be used to enhance, keep and enjoy that which is already working in your life.

  4. 16:45 | Live demonstrations to those who’d like to join me on stage.

  5. 17:30 | The end of an amazing journey together. Namaste/Aloha!

Tickets are $65 ( | 450-218-3014)

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