Your habits will determine your life!

Many of our habits and patterns are invisible and product of our environment. Our parents, family, school and peers do have an input in our habit program. In addition, other habits and tendencies are simply in the frequency of our code of vibration.

Most people are aware of the need to change unproductive behaviors in their lives. The first challenge they encounter is to identify what it is they need to change? Oftentimes one single visit to a good Numerologist could provide the answer. The client may even leave the office with a high dosage of energy and the willingness to go about the change they wish to make. However, the problem most people face is that within days the old habit kicks-in and the visit to the therapist becomes nothing but a memory. It’s easy to say, but not so easy to adopt or do… that’s a fact. It’s not easy to kick an old habit, but if we look carefully it did take some time to create that habit.

Whether they are emotional, personal or professional ‘problems’, different situations and circumstances do need specific approach and a follow up program. Depending on the intensity of the ‘problem’ several mentoring programs are available to you through Numerology-Coaching.

Numerology-Coaching mentoring programs begin with a one hour session – in person or over the phone – followed by half hour sessions over the phone for a determined period of time.

Allow me to share a story with you:

It is about a man who received an old piano as a gift. It was an antique, in fact a collector’s item. He loved it so much he decided that it deserved to be cleaned and tuned. A technician was called to make the adjustments. It didn’t take him too long, but before leaving, the technician told the man that he would be back the following week. The man intrigued asked him why, if the piano was fine-tuned, what was the point of returning the following week. The technician looked at him and said… “Sir, your piano has been out of tune for far too long, which means that in a day or two it will fall back out of tune. I must condition it to remain so by returning a few times to re-tune it. In order to do so, I will have to return in a week, then two weeks later, then, once a month for a period of three months.”

As the old piano we too, tend to remain stuck in old habits or state of thinking. In order to evolve to new ground and move on towards new experiences we must recondition our habits. We must recondition ourselves to understand that there is more to us, that we have a purpose, that situations are mere experiences to teach us lessons so that we may evolve.

Are you experiencing difficulties in any of these areas?

  1. Personal. Myths, paranoia’s, phobias, depressions, low self-esteem, complexes and emotional blockages.

  2. Family. We’re living in times where generations are clashing. You may not have the solution but you can become part of it. How to deal and face the new generation and the various situations and circumstances that deal with family.

  3. Health. Find pleasure living in a healthy body. We are what we eat, but we are also what we think about and how we digest our emotions.

  4. Finances. Built an adequate financial plan. Financial success is not in the amount of money we make, but rather how we decide to manage it. The client leaves taking with him a plan that will allow him to create and achieve goals.

  5. Profession. Are you an apple who’s told to give orange juice? We are all different in many ways. Discover your potential – the kind of profession that would suit you better.

  6. Goal Setting. Literally work with a success formula. Through a basic and simple four step program the client will learn how to design; short, medium and long term goals that are clear, easy and simple to follow.

  7. Relationships – Compatibility, possibility and potential.

  8. Spirituality – Evolution, clarity, awareness, understanding.

YES, you can make the changes with the help of an honest and caring coach, one who is able to personally align with your commitment.

The most common mentoring program consists in a four session package:

First Week. 60-minute consultation, in person or over the phone – reading and diagnostic.

This option is available for $60.00.

Second, third and fourth week. 30-minute follow up – coaching – over the phone.

This option is available for $40.00/session.

This program includes a CD recording of every session which will be mailed to the respective client.

Please add $5.00 for Shipping & Handling if necessary.

Fees are in Canadian dollars.

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