Coaching – Mary’s story…

Mary’s story:

Mary was a fine looking woman, mother of two but someone who was totally asexual. Her husband, who loved her dearly, became suspicious and began to look at all possible scenarios. Did she like him? Was she a lesbian? Perhaps cheating on him? Is anything wrong with him? These were frequent thoughts that evaded is mind. Needless to say but their relationship was strange. As the years went by he came to the conclusion that nothing of that was it, that was simply who she was and whether he liked it or not, ‘live with it or leave it’ seemed to be his only available choice.

Eventually they separated, but even that was quite odd. She obviously never looked for anyone else and neither did he. They kept seeing each other every week, but the only thing that really changed was that now they had two different apartments about 50km apart. They haven’t slept together then and much less now, yet, they seem to unable to live without one-another, it was obvious that they needed each-others company.

As a person she was a beautiful and elegant woman but one that projected a cold and distant personality. Everything about her was focused on her work and daily routine and that was all she really paid attention to.  

A few years earlier her mother was found in bed in what we’d call a very disturbing condition. The paramedics were called in to what was at that time a matter of life and death. It was clear that she was left there to die. When they picked her up they couldn’t help but noticed how severely her back was bitten by bugs. They were literally feeding on her. Mary knew about her mother’s situation, but showed no interest or compassion, she simply didn’t care. Prior to the event, all she did was bringer her food and leave. Eventually the word got around and that’s how the paramedics came to find out. They came to the rescue, took her away but her condition was far too advanced, it didn’t take very long before she passed away. As for Mary, she still didn’t show any remorse or mourning for her mother even though she was the only parent she had left.

What could’ve had happened in Mary’s youth that created such behavior? Whatever it was caused her to be cold towards men and also to her mother.

Healing and cleaning.

Mary was fifty-five when she decided to come and see me. I later found out that it took a long time before her best friend was able to convince her to call, in fact, something far more important motivated her to come. Just as Tony Robbins – one of my greatest teachers – says, people act out of aspiration or desperation. Mary’s case was one of desperation.

Very few years after her mother passed away Mary began to have health problems. Tumors began to appear, first in her uterus and then in one of her breasts. So far none of them were diagnosed malign, she was successfully operated but that did not stop Mary from becoming extremely concerned. This along with her friend’s advice brought her to my office – a man’s office.     

I must admit that Mary’s case was not an easy one. People come to see me for a reason and not necessarily to say hello. However, when they do come they mean to get somewhere in terms of understanding, healing and cleaning – they talk and open themselves up. Mary was different; she was quiet, distant and skeptical, very difficult elements to work with. I must admit that the science of numerology and palmistry helped me a great deal at getting her attention and curiosity – I told her things that no one but her knew about. Finally I won her trust.

Mary’s behavior goes back to her tender age of ten. She witnessed an experience that created a memory that in turn built up a prison wall. The life she’s been living since was based and tinted with what happened then.

Mary was ten years of age when one of her school days was cut short. Her teacher was not feeling well and for that reason the kids got the afternoon off, little did she know that such a banal event was to have a major impact on her life. Mary was happy coming home, with both parents working the house was to be all hers for the afternoon. She opened the gate and went in the house through the back door. She heard noise coming from her parents’ bedroom. Her first thought was, someone was hurting her mother, and, what was she doing home this early? Not really thinking about the possible danger or the consequences she rushed in and that is when she found her mother all naked on top of a man that wasn’t her father.

Stupefied, she turned around and run out. By the look on her face I could just imagine what went through this child’s mind back then. It didn’t take long for her mother to come out and find Mary crying sitting under a tree with her head between her knees. Needless to say but this must’ve been an extreme awkward situation for both of them and one that was to leave very deep scars on both for years to come.

Mother is gone and Mary, or should I say, a polluted memory was in front of me. I advised her to get a picture of her mother, one as close as possible to the age when that happened. She did. I noticed how hard it was for her to even look at the picture; I knew then that the process was going to be a long one. There are people who move away from and there those who move towards, Mary was definitely a move away from person, forcing would mean, lose her trust.

I brought her to understand and accept that life is filled with multiple experiences that are worth nothing but the value we give it. The truth is that nothing really is what it appears to be and everything happens for a reason and that reason is often linked to a choice based on a purpose and the purpose is to serve a cause – a spiritual cause. I got her to repeat this mantra in the face of her daily experiences: ‘it is what it is… nothing more, nothing less!’ I asked her to carry her mother’s photo in her wallet and look at her at least five times a day. I told her how important it was for her to develop a love connection with the one she had chosen for a mother. I finally got her to accept that all was what it needed to be and all is perfect.

I explained the three real meanings of sexuality – procreation, physical and mental healing and cosmic contact – therefore remove all myths and taboos created through time by men. Finally, I advise her to write the letter, which she did. Mary’s life changed but there is much more than meets the physical eye here, what could have become ‘karma’ with her mother for lives to come was erased.

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