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Contemporary Chirology

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Courses in St. Lazare | from 9:30am to 5:30pm.


Day 1: Sat. March 11th

The Hands (left/right – active/passive) | The Palms | Mounts (Venus and Luna) | Texture (skin) | Nails (the expression of our nervous system | The Thumb (the rudder of personality) | The other Fingers (brain development).

Day 2: Sat. March 25th

Base of Mercury (timid or confident) | The Zones (our playground) | The Loops (industry, memory, leisure, leadership) | The Quadrangle (emotional and mental balance) | Introduction to the lines – mind mapping | study of the Heart-Line (Emotion-Line)

Day 3: Sat. April 22nd

Head-Line (Consciousness-Line) | Life-Line (Vitality-Line) | Fate-Line (Career and Character Line) | Success-Line (Fulfilment and Happiness Line)

Day 4: Sat. April 29th

The Nervous-Line (Health or Status) | Spirit-Line (Intuition-Line) | Simian-Line (Special Contract) | Affection-Line (Union/Marriage/friendship) | Galactic-Zone: Distinct Signs (Gifts and Characteristics), Grid of Venus (Love/Romance/Fantasy-Line), Activity in Jupiter (Talents and Limitations)


Investment: $460.00** (paid in full or in parts) | All materials are included  

**in St. Lazare, it may vary in other cities.

For more information please contact

prof. António L. Santos @ 450-218-3014 |

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