We come from simplicity,

into complexity

and back to simplicity.

Antonio Santos

Understanding the power of Ego brought me to reflect upon certain issues of my life. My primary intention in this life is Soul perfection. Just as Rubert mentioned, when we are governed by our Ego, emotions and intentions may very well be distorted and have us believe that we are on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Knowing that Ego can play tricks on me, made me more sensitive towards the choices and desires I may have.

“Greetings Rubert, before we begin any subject I have to ask you why do I still have to work as a meat manager? We wrote one book together, which by the way is not yet published. Now, that we are beginning a second one, I am wondering why I still have to struggle between, writing, consulting and, of course managing a meat department. Where did I go wrong – what’s missing?”

“There is nothing wrong but something might still be missing. There is a time for everything, and everything comes with time – an old saying most of you know and few of you follow. The life path you have chosen is one that requires much study, research and training. The information we have written is as powerful as it is delicate, understand, accept and let the cycles take their course.

Do you believe in magic Antonio?”

“I can’t tell that I do for I never experienced it… why do you ask?”

“You have experienced it, but never took the time to acknowledge it. Magic is everywhere, it is wonderful, and it enables life to exist. The body you now inhabit is magical, the heart the beats the seconds of your life is a wonder. Yes Antonio, you have experienced magic, which is why you are tapping the keys and formulating these words.  Your book and books will get published when the time is right – do not worry. As for the work you are presently doing as a meat manager, well, it is coming to an end. Be patient and accept your life choice.  Indeed you are working hard. Just as you said, you are a writer, consultant and meat manager, but that is not all, you are also a father, husband and human being. Behind all this effort there is an underlying work taking place – one that is invisible and more fulfilling. You are working yourself to become a better person – one that is calmer, more understanding and forgiving.”

“Perhaps so, but it’s not easy.”

“Yes, but if you eliminate all the unnecessary tasks you take you can make your life much easier and focus much better.”

“Didn’t you say that everything is important, and that all should be embraced?”

“Yes, but have you noticed how often you repeat the same experiences over and over because of your lack of focus?”


“Good. Understand that when something happens in your life it comes to you in a form of lesson – exposing you to an experience. When repetition occurs, then you should stop, look and listen. The body serves the Soul, not the other way around. When the Souls’ intentions are not being met, things begin to happen to the body. You should take repetition seriously. Repetition tells you that you have not yet understood the experience.”

“Could you give me an example?”

“Most certainly, and I will use you as a reference, just as it is stated in the chapter ‘Accidents’ of your first book, your car was stolen four times right at your doorstep. The first time could be thought of as a message received a lesson to be learned. The other three are classified as repetition. If we concluded that accidents do not exist then there is a higher meaning behind that which seems to a bad luck kind of experience. Do you recall what the message was?”

“I rather not recall it but yes, I do remember… I was obsessed with the car… actually gave it more care and attention than I did to my own family.”

“Remember the way you acted the fourth time it was stolen?”

“Although not happy, since it was our only way of transportation, I laughed about it. I simply didn’t care anymore.”

“This is nothing but an example among many in your life. Schooling is pretty much the same way everywhere you go to – you fail your math, you have to repeat your exams.”

“Thank-you for the information, I will surely pay closer attention to repetitive experiences in my life. Rubert, according to the story you have told me about Edward and Marian, I seemed to have trouble with people accepting me then, but for whatever reason, history seems to repeat it self. What am I missing?”

“It may look and feel as repetition to you, but the truth is, you are different, think different, talk different, eat different – you have different interests, different goals, different visions, different beliefs, basically, everything you do is different. With this kind of personality make up, do not expect a large circle of friends.  You like to learn and discover – you like to dig in the deepest sources for information. Tell me, have you ever seen a world thinker with a vast circle of friends? Of course not! World’s greatest thinkers are often thought of, as eccentric or deranged; this is why many of them become loners. However, in your case that is not all. When you make a discovery that fascinates you, you tend to shove it down peoples throats. You still come on to them a little too strong. Some work is still needed in that area, I shall help you.”

“I’ve noticed it – I will gradually make the necessary adjustments.”

“Yes, but do not fool yourself. Your adjustments should be based on accepting others, without really sharing their ways or opinions. You often question your position, but if you are to question anything, then question your sensory awareness. Different people come to you everyday. If you want them to listen and understand what you are trying to pass onto them, you have to be the one adjusting to their differences. In your first book we talked about the importance and impact of perception, you seemed to have understood, understanding is good, but you need to put it into practice. You already know this, but when you find yourself in the mundane world and tired, you forget and fall pray to old habits. I often talked to you about the importance of breathing, and among others, breathing keeps you in awareness. One more thing, you do not meditate enough. Meditation is crucially important to your balance – to your being.”

“But I do meditate.”

“I know you do, but not enough and certainly not to the deepest levels. Often times you stop when you are about to enter the alpha state. Persist a little longer and you shall see – the rewards will be sublime.”

“I know I have to be more persistent in my meditation, but my life has been very unstable since last October. After my wife lost her job and Sara, my daughter, ran away from home, it has been very difficult for me to concentrate. I know. You don’t have to mention it, there is always a way. But I must confess that these past months have been quite challenging for me – too many things to do, and so little time to do them. I want to write, yet, it is my wife who has no job. I work so hard to keep everything stable and secure, yet, everything seems so unstable and insecure.”

“Castles in the sand Antonio, stability and security are linked to superego. These are social morals on how you should or should not live your life. It takes a great deal of energy just to manage this mechanism. Have you noticed where your head is located? Anything at any moment could hit you over the head. Also, what guarantees you the earth will not collide with any passing meteor? What guarantees you the earth will keep revolving around the Sun with the same precision and accuracy it has until now? What guarantees you the Sun will shine tomorrow? Antonio, there are no guarantees. All your feelings of instability and insecurity are just that, feelings. Trust!… Be the humble and loving person you really are, and try to overcome these feelings which give origin to negative emotions.”

“Feelings and emotions… I know you are right, but why are we humans this way? It cannot just be something we pass on from generation to generation; emotions had to be born somewhere.”

“They have not come from somewhere, feelings and emotions are part of this realm. Physical life on earth is indeed quite an experience for the Soul. The earth, being a planet of emotion, will bring you the opportunity to experiment a vast choice of evolution levels – a process that will give you the honor to identify who you really are. The reason why you have to face fear, insecurity, instability, vulnerability, and so on, it is because you have entered this frequency of emotion. Emotion is just one word, but the fuel that powers everything you do on this planet. To better help you understand how and why emotions occur, I have to bring you into the very beginning of the incarnation process – conception.

Once your soul has gone through all details concerning your life to be, a body is necessary to accomplish it. Your parents to be, which by the way, are part of your mutual agreement and karmic circle, will, at your appropriate time have sexual intercourse. Upon the act, the release of your fathers’ sperm will provide millions of spermatozoids that could, if that would be possible, give origin to thousands of babies. However, as you very well know, that is not what happens. There is only one egg on the female side – only one spermatozoid can survive and penetrate the egg.  If only one spermatozoid survived, what happened to the others? Of course, the greatest majority never even make it anywhere near the egg, but many still do. Those that do have to fight and struggle to stay alive, but like I said earlier, only one will make it. As you can see, fighting and struggling starts at the very beginning of the physical life experience – at conception. As you grow older, so does your fighting skills and strategies.

Fighting for survival is a natural state in the physical – it is an animal instinct – primordial intelligence. In order to eat, you have to take some form of life – you feed off each other – the id experience.

Everything and everyone struggles for survival on this planet. When you look at it closely, this is what brings you the insecurity you have talked about earlier. Nothing is ever sure in the physical form, and no place is a safe place, and it is because of this very mechanism that emotion comes to be. Once you understand why you have to go through fear, insecurity, instability, vulnerability – you can and will terminate the experience.”

“What is the true understanding behind emotions?”


“That’s it?”

“You say it like it is an easy thing to achieve but let me assure you that it is not. Emotions act like glue they spread and get stuck to you. They spread because you want to solve emotion problems with emotion solutions. They get stuck to you because they will not leave or disappear until you face them – until you overcome them. Even when you do realize what they really are and make you do, does not mean you are able to stop them. Moving into awareness can be a very long process indeed. I know it is only one word, but do not take it lightly.”

“You said that we could terminate the experience, do you mean emotions?”

“No. I meant filter the emotions. Keep them clear. Emotions are what creates’ your experiences, therefore create those you want to experience and avoid those you do not. Let us take insecurity for example and use the four levels of healing.

  1. Accept that insecurity exists.

  2. Identify the cause of your insecurity.

  3. The cause of your insecurity can be terminated.

  4. Find the means by which that cause may be terminated.

“You make it sound like the four noble truths of the Buddha.”

“I am glad you have noticed.  If you use this method – break down all your experiences into four parts – you no longer have to feel insecure. The four noble truths are just that, truths. When you are truthful to yourself you see the Light – Buddha – you are all Buddhas just as you are all Christs. As we pointed out in your first book – Buddha and Christ are titles – words that mean Beings of Light – Beings of Consciousness.

Begin by putting everything into perspective and then do what you need to do. What makes you insecure? What can you do about?”

“I understand what you’re saying but most of the times I don’t even know why I feel so insecure.”

“Ignoring the cause will keep solutions at bay. Do you see how meditation is crucial important? Meditation is a time to reflect upon our lives – a time to bring everything into perspective and clarity – a time to identify solutions and alternatives – ultimately, a time to better use the four noble truths.”

“I guess I still have a long way to go for I’m still ignorant in that area.”

“But it is ignorance that brings you into awareness.”

“How’s that?”

“Ignorance is primordial intelligence remember our story about Adam and Eve? Here, let me explain the sequence. Ignorance sets your experiences into motion. The experiences in motion will create hurt and confusion. Hurt and confusion will forge into knowledge, and knowledge is the beginning of awareness. Let me give you another example. Wisdom is fruit of bad experiences, and bad experiences are fruit of the lack of wisdom.”

“Which reminds me of a seminar I attended a few years ago, this is what the man said, ‘your success is the result of good judgment, good judgment is the result of experience, ultimately, experience is the result of bad judgment.”

“Right, which tells you, even judgment has its sequence. Judge what you should or should not do in your life, is indeed a very good thing to do, and very constructive I must add. When you use judgment to judge and condemn others, simply because they do not see things the way you do, then, it may not be such good thing after all. In either case, when you are in awareness, you know what to do at all times.”

“So, awareness keeps us from negative emotions, but not from emotions all together?”

“Genuine awareness is the last frontier of wisdom. By seeing emotions clearly, by allowing them to be as they are, you no longer permit them to serve as a means of negative creation.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand.”

“Most of your emotions are to sustain the existence of the Ego. The notion of individuality creates an emotion of judgement. You need to identify what is powering your emotions, is it desire or fear?”

“To be honest with you, in my case probably both.”

“Very good, for that was a trick question – desire and fear feed off the same emotion. You have the desire to built castles in the sand and the fear to lose them. People feel insecure because they have no money, on the other hand, people feel insecure because they fear to lose their money. You suffer because of the lack of it and the abundance of it through emotion. Let me give you another example; most people struggle to be free, but the absence of struggle is in itself freedom. You make friends through emotion and you lose friends through emotion.

Do you like to walk in the forest?”

“You know I do. I love to take walks in the forest.”

“And why is that?”

“It feels good. I feel good in it.”

“Why do you think you feel that way?”

“I’m not really sure, I just feel that way.”

“The reason is you have harmonized your emotions with the forest as it is. You have a sense of togetherness with the forest. Would you say the same thing happens to you with animals?”

“I would say so, yes.”

“Can you see now why that happens?”

“Not really.”

“Awareness of the wholeness, when you enter the forest you do not really see the trees – you indulge in the forest as a whole. When you deal with animals you do not see the differences between say, German shepherds, you see the beauty in a dog you call German shepherd. Ultimately these wonderful emotions come to be, because there is absolutely no judgement on your part – you simply indulge in the beauty that is being exposed to you. If we stay with our symbolic figures, Adam and Eve, we can see the cycle as such; Adam and Eve engaged in action through Ego – created their realities through emotion – redesigned their path through awareness – found their way back home through wisdom. A true and simple emotion Antonio, simply let’s things be.”

“Easier said than done Rubert, we live in a sophisticated and difficult society, there’s always someone or something to throw us off our true and simple emotions.”

“It is always a matter of conditioning Antonio. No one has the power to throw you off your true and simple emotions. Awareness is only a word but the solution to all your interactions, which is why it is so important. If your emotions are not being accepted or respected, then it is happening outside of you. Trusting them is keeping them intact. Discussing them, imposing them or forcing them, is risking them. You are untouchable and will remain so until you allow someone in your emotions. Tell me, how could I ever touch you without your permission?”

“Many people touch me without my permission.”

“How so?”

“What do you mean how so, a simple bus ride or a walk in a shopping mall can do the trick. It’s very easy to be touched.”


“Okay, what are you trying to tell me?”

“I am telling you that even I could not touch you if you do not want me to. Indeed, people can touch your arm, your leg, your face, but that is all they can ever do, touch something you call ‘my’ this or ‘my’ that. See, it is always my arm or my shoulder but never I, for the I cannot be seen or touched.”

“I get it, but still it’s not easy.”

“Not easy perhaps, but definitely simple. If you stay away from classification, judgement, discrimination, and negative opinions, you will see God in all things. There are no mistakes. The Light that is in you is not a mistake – the Light that incarnated in a watermelon was never meant to become a tomato. Antonio, there are no mistakes in the intention of God, everything simply is. Knowing this in your heart will automatically keep your negative and harmful emotions away – God is in all things and all things have a plan and purpose.”

“I will keep a positive mind.”

“A positive mind is better than a negative mind, however, both demand effort. What you are really looking for is a quiet mind, one without effort, one that flows. A positive mind or negative mind can produce struggle and bring you to mixed emotions.”

“It’s like you’re telling me that effort is not a good thing. I’ve always thought that effort is what brings me what I really want in my life.”

“And what you really do not want in your life as well. Again, effort can and will produce mixed emotions in your life. Look at mother earth. Take a peak at nature. Do you see any effort? Even with human beings constantly damaging and altering life on this planet, nature still flows gently and gracefully without effort. If your physical body is connected to earth and your needs joined with nature, why would you struggle? Why would you need effort?”

“Without effort, I hardly get anything accomplished. Us humans don’t have our instincts orchestrated as animals and nature seems to have. While all seems to be automatic for them, it remains a struggle for us.”

“Really? Have you ever wondered or asked yourself why there is struggle in your life?  Struggle is nothing but the absence of harmony Antonio. Everything on this planet is in harmony. Everything in the universe is in harmony. Everything in your body is in harmony.”

“Wonderful words Rubert, but not exactly what I see everyday. Our world is far from being in harmony at this point.”

“Harmony comes from connection – a body, mind and spirit connection. Yes, there is struggle among men leading to disharmony. Struggle is what brings pain and agony into your life – what creates the very emotions of confusion and insecurity you so much want to avoid, knowing that you have choices. Knowing that you can make things different should enable you to reverse the process. Yes, there is much struggle in your world today, but there are plenty of you already enjoying the rewards harmony provides. In reality, it is nothing but a matter of choice. You have the power to choose and you are all getting what you are choosing.”

“We are all getting what we are choosing?”


“How so?”

“Look around you. Look at your society. Look at humanity in general. You are embracing the wrong ‘stuff’ – attracting the wrong things. You need to begin to use the power of ignoring in a positive and desirable way.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yes. Ignore all that you do not wish to experience! Antonio, if you ignore an animal, what do you think will happen to him?”

“He’ll go away!”

“If you ignore, your mate or your friend, they will go away as well. Everything you ignore will simply go away. Knowing this to be true, then watch for what you ignore. Instead of ignoring cancer, which by the way can be beaten with simply being happy all the time, you built ‘Cancer Societies’ and actually become proud of it. You are not ignoring cancer you are actually embracing cancer, placing it on a pedestal. You want peace and harmony; you ignore peace and harmony by building weapons. No one needs to complain, simply ignore what you do not want – it will go away.”

“I wish it was that simple.”

“And it is. Simply stop contemplating that which you do not desire in your life. Stay away from emotions of fear and emotions of doubt, for they are the perfect ingredients to get what you do not want.”

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