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Democracy pretends to give people the right to choose, the question is, how far does that choice go? Is it really our choice!?

Does your preferences really narrow down to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? From where I’m standing we are left with the choice of ‘others’ | choose from what was chosen!

When I look at Hillary’s chart, I see a diplomatic and humanitarian leadership in her makeup. She’s tenacious, intelligent expressive and emotional, hard worker and sensitive. When I compare her life code with Donald, it is obvious that she has a much softer approach to politics. Therefore I classify her as: mother hen and mother Teresa.

Her strength – when analyzing her chart – is tenacity, organizational skills, diplomacy, drive and communication. However, nothing here really speaks of a great leader, but definitely one with the heart in the right place. Her intensity of purpose has to be acknowledged, she’s still standing after so many years in politics. How many of us could last half long? Let me remind you that she lived and lives with one of America’s greatest presidents Bill Clinton. This, in itself, places anyone ahead of this game.

For those who know me and my practice are aware that I’m not attached to any political party or religion, for that reason, I’m able to analyze without personal opinion or judgement.

Would she make a good president?

America, whether we like it or not, is ‘the country’ of countries. America is an ocean of many waters… every American has a history that links them to another country, in other words, America is a combination of every country and a place in this world where Hindus, Catholics, Muslims, Mormons, Anglicans, Jehovah Witnesses, Atheists, Jewish, etc., can live in harmony. They can be close together on the same bus, same subway, boulevard, supermarket… side-by-side in peace. Having the feminine energy leading such a powerful country may not be a bad idea, especially one that has her focus on bettering human life. Is she the right one!? When we analyze the choices, she is the only one! To know the answer to that question is to vote for her and then wait and see how it will unfold. Let me say something that may have skipped your mind, the world classifies America as a Super-Power, but it is not! A Super-Force yes! But, when Power vs Force, Force loses. Power is invisible and its essence is Love… think about it!

America has been at war 222 times out of 239 years since 1776… how many of these were actually perpetrated by America? How many were really won? My point is, someone has to LEAVE – let go of – biblical passages such as, ‘… an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…’ as we all know that hasn’t worked, it simply leaves us unable to see clearly and chew properly! We are still to this day, suffering the aftermath of many wars. The obvious solution to this would be to understand the differences instead of fighting and destroying those differences!

My profession allows me to read people, ‘…what you are speaks so loud I cannot hear what you’re saying…’ hence, I would suggest her – Hillary – to be and feel more at ease – to be more herself – filled with confidence and drop the defensive mode. If anyone is qualified for the job, it sure is her! Politics are not easy. To be able to please your two children is hard, try to please an entire nation and parts of the world… impossible! Donald has no clue or idea about the ‘dance’, you don’t run a country such as the United States like you run a company, a hotel or casino! Smart is not enough, you have to include intelligence, diplomacy and… a bit of ‘prostitution’! Whether we like it or not, this is how the game is played when confronted with such a complex society that keeps on wanting more and more!

When I look closely at her chart, I must say that nothing indicates a clear win for her, however, there is something in the ‘clock’ that ‘ticks’ in her direction: (day, month, year)

Hillary was born on the 26th day of Oct. 1947

On Election Day (Nov. 8th) she’ll be in her Personal Year 9: 26-10-2016=18/9

Now, let us look at the sequence of that specific Universal day – Election Day:


8 + 11 + 9

Now, let’s look at her Universal sequence for that day:

She will be on her P.Y. 9 + Month 11+ Day 8

9 + 11 + 8

According to this I say: Hillary, expect something MAJOR happening that day! Your life will never be the same!

As for the Election Day – Date – itself: 8-11-2016=28/10/1, it speaks loudly of a great New Beginning.

Let’s wait and see…

Till then, enjoy the ride…

António L. Santos | your Coach-in-Numbers

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