How would your connection be with your children if you had access to their Life-Code?


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With Holistic-Coach António L. Santos

  1. What would happen to your relationship with your children if they came into this world with a ‘Manual’?

  2. How would your connection be with your children if you had access to their Life-Code?

Your Child’s Life-Code is special, one-of-a-kind | Special Offer

I’d like to offer you a Full Intuitive-Numerology-Reading of your child. Age from 0 to +++. I need your child’s FULL name as written in their baptismal papers (or something of that nature) and date of birth. Please let me know if your child was born close to midnight

By e-mail: you will receive the recorded reading along with a written chart.

Between ‘Oct. 25th and Dec. 25th 2016’ this service is priced at $38 Can. | 28€.

This is a very serious and responsible service, satisfaction is guaranteed!

Thank-you for choosing NCC-Coaching | your Coach António L. Santos | Since 1999 | Montreal Canada


What is the benefit of knowing your Life-Code? It would be like asking, what’s the benefit of knowing where you’re going when travelling! Nothing and no one is from a blind source. We all have a purpose and valuable motive to be here. Your Life-Code holds the key to these answers. It can help redefine the way you see yourself and your world. It can open your eyes to different choices and opportunities and help you make the necessary changes to achieve success in every area of your life, helping you to discover your talents, strengths and path you were born to follow.

Your Child’s Life-Code is special, one-of-a-kind. For that reason, you should never compare your child to anybody. Every inch of his/her skin has a unique print, therefore, their Life-Code is ABSOLUTELY exclusive to them. It’s as individual as your signature, a frequency of divine light refracted through the prism of your uniqueness – the filaments of their Being.

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