Jane’s story


Jane’s story:

by Antonio L. Santos

Jane was a very beautiful 6 year’s old little girl, lived in the country, a wonderful place to live but far away from everything. Her parents were modest, responsible and present. This is the year Jane starts school, the distance from their house to the nearest school-bus stop was a concern for both parents due to their daily chores. A few weeks after driving Jane to the nearest school bus stop, Jane’s mother became acquainted with the driver, who seemed to be a really nice fellow who not long after volunteer to make a detour to pickup Jane every morning before starting his route.

Time went by and Jane was changing, she was more quiet and different spending more and more time alone in her room. Her parents didn’t pay much attention believing that it was normal, after all, going to school for the first time does or could very well change the way we see and go about life.

Jane grew to become a woman got married and had two children. Her marriage didn’t last and sure enough, she got divorced. Her relationships were very difficult, especially where intimacy and family were concerned. Her job as a co-pilot for an airline company was the perfect excuse to justify her need to runaway.

45 years later, Jane was diagnosed with colon cancer. After battling it for 2 long years she finally lost and passed away.

What could’ve happened in her first 7 years of age that led her to this kind of behavior and eventually produce the result of living this earth so early?

What no one knew and because of shame she never told was that there was another side to the story of the supposed real nice fellow who went out of his way to pick her up. He molested her sexually for the entire school year. Because we are aware of the Source – the Source is Love – whatever happens to us within our first 7 years of life will without a doubt play a huge role – leave deep scars – and will have a deep effect on the way we journey life.

In Jane’s case she was unable to clean her past. If she could go back – through visualization – and make peace with the experience, knowing that whatever happened was an option/choice in her book of life experiences, then the quality of her adulthood would’ve been quite different.

At one point – as I walked her through the cleaning process – her sessions with me seemed to be heading in the right direction. Later, it became obvious to me that the healing I was witnessing was just mental – at the head level – not emotionally. Mentally Jane wanted to heal but her heart never accepted it.

Colon = evacuation: holding on to old deposits, old thoughts, old garbage.

If Jane was able to feel – she did see but not feel – the possibilities that could arise from such experience, she would allow cosmic energy to flow. When cosmic energy flows the chances of something detrimental to survive are very little not to say inexistent.

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