Michael Jackson’s Intuitive-Numerology reading


Destiny: 24/6

Personality: 29/11

Expression: 44/8

Motivation: 24/6

Inner Desires: 20/2

Pinnacle phases:

19/1 (from 0 to 30 years of age)

16/7 (from 30 to 39 years of age)

8 (from 39 to 48 years of age)

13/4 (from 48 years of age onwards)

Challenges to overcome:

6(from 0 to 30 years of age)

3(from 30 years of age onwards)

Last Personal Year: (29-08-2008= 2)

Last Personal Month: (29-08-2008=2+6 (June)= 8)

Last Personal Day: (29-08-2008=2+6 (June) =8+25 (Day) =15/6)

Born: 29-8-1958 (11+8+5=24/6)

Died: 25-6-2009 (7+6+11=24/6)

Began his solo career in 1971: (29+8+1971=37/10/1), Personal year 1 (new beginnings).

First marriage: May 1994, because Michael was born in August, he was still in his year 1993. Personal year 29-8-1993=41/5 (year of change)

Michael received a Diamond Award: 15-Nov.-2006. (29-8-2006=27/9, Personal year 9). (Crowning and Marking the end of an era).


Michael Jackson was an individual with very strong family leanings (D-24/6, M-24/6), however, when we look at Michael’s first challenge (CH-6) until the age of 30, we know that Michael was to have family issues. We can also see through his first pinnacle (19/1), which holds karma debt residues, that Michael was to have difficulties getting his way or experience his independence. He was an artist (D-24/6, M-24/6) like many 6s are (Bruce Willis, John Lennon, Sylvester Stallone, Britney Spears…), but when we look at his other challenge (CH-3, from the age of 30 onwards) it is obvious to us that Michael would have issues with his artistic success.

Michael was meant to have and experience material success (E-44/8), but due to his naivety and desire to have and own ‘gadgets’ (D-24/6, M-24/6), he could and did experience financial turbulence. Nevertheless, financial success was a part of his experience in this life time. Money would come somehow and from somewhere always.

He loved children very much (D-24/6, M-24/6), energy 6 is ‘parenthood’ and one that keeps the person’s ‘child’ alive, this is the reason why Michael loved to play and surround himself with children. Michael’s inner child never died. Privy of his childhood paired with all these characteristics are what brought Michael to open ‘Neverland’ and be the way he was with and around children, obviously something people did not know or understood and this is why doubt and judgment pore over him, going as far as child sexual abuse allegations.

Michael was very popular and at the same time quite shy (ID-2), have you notice how timid he was when speaking in public, yet, when performing he would go into a total different state.

Although many of us may not like it or would like to ignore it, everything we do and everything we are is karmically connected. Michael had in his pinnacles/phases ― life influences ― three karmic numbers, 19, 16 and 14. Issues with authority and struggle with independence (19), spirituality and sexuality (16), responsibility and work (13), something he misused in past lives. This has nothing to do with being guilty or victim of anything of course, it simply has to do with the experience of physical life. We all choose what we choose in order to evolve and attain spiritual perfection. However, this also means that we have to close everything we open or begin. Michael did struggle with his independence, his spirituality and hard work, something he experienced right from the beginning of his life.

If I let my intuition speak, it is obvious to me that Michael was involved in slavery practices in previous lives. The ‘19’ stands for dictator/authoritarian, the ‘16’ stands for abuse of intelligence to obtain whatever services you desire, including illicit sexuality, finally the ‘13’ stands for laziness, have others do the work for you. This is perhaps the reason why he had strong issues with being black. All in all, we could think of Michael as a slave in this lifetime, and this right from the very beginning. He did make a lot of money, but that was not enough to buy him freedom.

Michael’s major challenge was 3, which stands for: issues with communication, scattered energies and confusion with his artistic abilities. In 1986 (a personal year 7 for Michael and a difficult year for many) Michael was diagnosed with vitiligo and lupus, and it is said that he also suffered from anorexia nervosa.


Vitiligo – Not belonging. Feeling completely outside of things. Not one of the group.

Lupus – Giving up. Better to die than stand up for oneself. Anger and punishment.

Anorexia Nervosa – Denying the self life. Extreme fear, self-hatred and rejection.

Michael was filled with love and care (D-24/6, M-24/6), very intelligent, visionary and philanthropist (P-29/11), he was involved in multiple world charities and humanitarian actions, and gave millions and millions of dollars to help lighten the burden of mankind. Michael was a timid and humble soul (D-24/6, M-24/6, ID-20/2). According to my intuitive experience, Michael fulfilled his rather difficult and karmic destiny. Namaste Michael!

My dearest siblings of Light, once again history repeats itself: first we like, then, we condemn and crucify, and finally we sanctify. Yes, human beings can be mean, it is in our primordial nature. However, I invite you to awake within the experience (the game of life), in doing so, you will understand that we don’t need to like, deny or sanctify, we simply need to be and honor. Everything I see I choose to see nothing but the divine in motion and expansion…

…even if that was not the truth, it is the truth my heart wants to see…

Warm blessings to all…

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