Nelson Mandela


It is quite obvious that N. Mandela was born to be a humanitarian, philanthropist and leader of cause. His name number – Expression – along with his birthday number – Personality – being both 9 confirms this to be so. It was not going to be easy, as the odds were very much against him, spending 27 years in jail confirms this to be true. Again, 27=9…

Dear reader, I don’t know what your beliefs are, but then again, nothing of what I’ve written here is meant to change or challenge your beliefs, but rather to incite awareness and openness. Some of the facts within our existence are that we are the ones who choose our lives; we are in this world but not from it, we come through our parents but not from them. Our so called mind, thoughts, beliefs, moods, intelligence, vision, drive… sure did not come from our parents but rather from a compound of memories acquired through your many lifetimes.

We all have a mission and N. Mandela’s is no exception. Because he knew – as Spirit before coming to Earth – that the odds were going to be against him he had to equip himself with a strong ‘code’. Indeed, we are codes and frequencies operating, experiencing and evolving through a physical body. Any given mission serves us personality and socially, ultimately, serving the WHOLE. Because N. Mandela took on a mission that required a lot of strength and determination of character, he equipped himself with abundant energy 8. For those who know about Numerology, you know that the 8 means strength, power, entrepreneurship and desire to succeed, when side-by-side with energy 9, tells you how all that will be used… indeed, to put a voice where there’s no voice and bring a positive shift, not only to African people but to humanity in general.

Spending his first 28 years of life in a pinnacle 16/7 led him to speak his truth regardless of the consequences. 16/7 is the number-frequency that lead one to rebel, to stand up for his rights, to question authority and speak his truth, paired with the abundant energy 9 – courage – and energy 8 – strength of character – we end up with ‘a’ N. Mandela.

When you look at the chart above (please note that the base of the chart is in Portuguese) you will see that his pinnacles (fases) are; 16/7 (from 0 to 27 years of age), 1 (from 27 to 36 years of age), 8 and 8 (from 36 years of age all the way to his departure). These are what governs and influences his journey here and all are very strong number codes, enabling him to do what he has done. How many people survive 27 years in jail, abused and tortured, and come out totally sane? Not many!

N. Mandela is without a doubt a man with a mission. His only focus in life was to make a difference and be recognized for it. The mission at hand was huge and perhaps far too big to attain. To the eyes of many he has succeeded, to the eyes of others it was a milestone, to himself, according to his code, a failure. Why do I say this, well, his code is one of high achievement with a great deal of ambition. When I look at the facts – Africa’s present situation – along with the line – grid of Pythagoras – 456 empty, the ambition of the 8, strong desire for justice of the 9 along with his two last challenges 6, 6 that stand for unconditional love and high standards, confirms that in his heart he feels that he has failed, failed what you may ask, failed his vision, his dream, his hope to have and leave a better Africa.

Personally I see it as success, whether he sees it or not he has made a huge difference to his people and to the world in general, but, just as Gandhi, after they’re gone it is up to the people to take the teachings and move on forward. A lot of work in this area still needs to be done, India, after Gandhi is good example.

Dear readers, such BEINGS descend to Earth to show us a better way… but it always comes down to us to travel the way.

Mr. Nelson Mandela, I was just a little baby when you went to jail. Before I turned 6, even though we had no TV, I do remember hearing about you. Back then I had no clue what it meant, today however, I honor you and your courage…


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