November doesn’t necessarily mean winter! As the Earth turns so does the seasons, it may be winter ‘here’, but, at the same time, summer elsewhere.

November is the only month that contains a double vibration (11), known to many numerologists as ‘Master-Number’ frequency, this, no matter where you live, will have an effect on you – allow it to be positive!

11 is the number of enlightenment, it offers you the opportunity to go beyond the mundane and realise there are realities very different from the one you are experiencing now. If you open your heart, tame your mind and walk the blissful Present Moment, you will tap into this wonderful rich and abundant energy wave that will be present for 30 entire days.

It will not the same to everyone, but, it will serve everyone with the same intensity depending on what your needs are at the moment.

The Characteristics available this month are: Clarity. Mental Strength. Unobstructed Channels. Better Connection with the Cosmos. Enhanced Spirituality. Awareness. Revelations and Insights… to name a few.

All this will be present and available, the question is… are you?

Text by António L. Santos


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