Numerology and House Numbers

How to find the Numerology of a house number:

For those who are familiar with Numerology note that master numbers 11 and 22 do not apply, they are reduced to 1+1=2, and 2+2=4. The way to find out the Numerology of your house is quite simple. Take your house number and add it together to a single digit.


12345 Street, 1+2+3+4+5=15 (1+5)=6, House number 6.

23546 Street, 2+3+5+4+6=20 (2+0)=2, House number 2.

89675 Street, 8+9+6+7+5=35 (3+5)=8, House number 8.

“What if my House number equals my Destiny number?”

We do find this to happen quite often. Your destiny number is the path you walk on, the life you came here to experience. If you find yourself living under the same number vibration, this accentuates and enhances your experience within the characteristics of the number, may it be positive or negative. The majority of people end up living under a house number, not by being consciously aware about the meaning of numbers, but rather because of some other reason or attraction. Today more than ever we are open to the fact that coincidences do not exist, that there is always a reason for whatever happens or comes to us. The truth is, we were guided there, and if that is so, then the best course of action would be for us to take some time to think, meditate or contemplate on the possible reason why we are there.

You may find yourself in a House that has an incompatible number to your own!

In this case, you should look at this as a way to soften or harden your personality ― to calm or stimulate your energy. If you have absolutely no energy 6 in your code and then find yourself under a house 6, the reason is, you may be in need of the characteristics energy 6 has to offer. Remember, when something comes to us it is because we need it and it serves us. We may not always know or understand why, but we should at least take some time to meditate on what it is trying to do or tell us. Whether negative or positive, we need to accept that it is there to serve us. In doing so, consciously, we can either enhance or diminish whatever we are experiencing.


Interpretation of House numbers:

Everything in this world of form has a negative and positive Energy. I choose to use the terms positive and negative for a better understanding, because in reality, negative or positive Energy does not exist. Energy simply is Energy. There is however, higher and lower density ― frequencies ― of Energy. Your house number is no exception it also includes negative and positive energy. The way you feel in it should, most of the times, tell you which one applies most. Whatever the case may be, know that there are ways, tools and professionals that can help you at bringing balance of energy in your home.

House Number 1

1 is creativity and independence; suddenly you may feel more creative, inventive even, with many ideas and the desire to act upon them. You may also feel more independent, which can bring some challenges if you are living as a couple. Creativity needs light, if this house doesn’t have enough natural light, you may include light painting and artificial light that is very close to outdoor light

The negativity here could be selfishness, authority and even snobbery. If in a couple, you may want to join your creative forces and move them towards a mutual direction. If you feel the constant need to prove your point of view, you are attracting the Ego energy this house provides. The outcome will tell you how positive or negative the energy is.

House Number 2

2 is the number of the couple ― relationships ― team work, peace, harmony and balance. If you have experienced difficulties with relationships, moving to a house 2 can change that. Suddenly you feel more open, receptive and perhaps more in love. Peace and harmony is an energy you will feel in such house, don’t be surprised that your children and family come to visit more often. You will feel much more relaxed and laid back under this roof.

The negativity here could be that, you may feel so laid back that procrastination could set in, try to fix things as they show. Also, due to the sensitivity and attachment found in this number could attract illnesses, such as viruses, colds and emotional hurt. Remember, no matter what happens you should try to let go a little.

House Number 3

3 is the number of happiness and sunshine. When positive, it will attract people, such as friends and family. Flowers, music, colors and friendly welcome is something you could expect in such houses. Suddenly the occupants may feel so much more creative, and this at many levels, from the kitchen to the yard. Parties and getting together is something to expect under such energy.

The negativity here could be too much parties and gatherings, which in turn could lead to noise and traffic. Also, because decoration and beauty is a part of it, you may want to pay close attention to your budget. Emotion is felt here, happiness as well as sadness could some times manifest out of proportion.

House Number 4

4 is a mysterious number when it comes to houses. It should promote order and neatness as well as structure and discipline. Work, support and willingness are something the tenants may feel when under such energy. The bills are paid in time and all is well.

The negativity here could be very difficult to live. To start, the Chinese people in general stay away from such house, 4 in Chinese means death. I’ve found that people living in it often times experience stagnation, financial difficulties and problems of various kinds. This house is also prone to structural and water problems. If this is your case, know that there are ways, tools and professionals that can help you at bringing balance of energy in your home.

House Number 5

5 is the number of change. If in the past you felt somewhat afraid to do this or to go there, well, this energy will most likely help you at being much more adventuress and spontaneous. Under this roof two things can happen. One, people come and go, tenants never stay too long. Two, if they do stay, then expect to have constant changes happening within and around it. The feeling of adventure and travel is definitely in the air.

The negativity here could be frivolous and/or extravagant behavior that could have a negative impact on the budget. The desire for change could also lead to divorce or separation. The impulsiveness found under this roof can cause conflict and disagreements among those living in it.

House Number 6

6 is the number of the Home; family, love, peace and tranquility are the characteristics that govern this house. Finding a house 6 could be difficult, due to the fact that people living in it have a hard time leaving it. Also, the soul of the house seems to get attached to the people under its roof. Couples seem to experience a more romantic and loving relationship under this house energy, and even though they can experience turmoil, this home energy seems to be able to keep couples together.

The negativity here could be perhaps too laid back to the point of procrastinating about what needs to be done in and around the house. Asides from this, no other negativity is found.

House Number 7

7 is the number of the mystic, the seeker of knowledge. This is the house where people come for any form of enlightenment. Researchers, thinkers, writers, psychologists may feel at home here. We may also find people who live under this roof to be quite spiritual or somewhat connected to spirituality. 7 being the number of solitude will draw people who are loners or like peace and tranquility.

The negativity here ― if we can call this negative ― is that 7 is the number of truth, it is hard to hide anything under this frequency, perhaps the reason why couples could encounter some challenges within this vibration. The truth comes out, whatever that truth may be.

House Number 8

8 is the number of abundance and material prosperity. This doesn’t mean that happiness will be found and we will live forever happy, it means that whoever lives here may find it easier to capitalize on their goals and attain material benefits. Usually the house itself shows this energy makeup or personality if you prefer. Entrepreneurs and business people are usually attracted by this house. If you are ambitious, a determined hard-worker or goal oriented, then, you may find this to be your home.

The negativity here is you could be led to obsession or blinded by material success. The old saying; ‘the more you have the more you want’, will eventually lead you to a superficial life. Needless to say, this will bring you all kinds of challenges, including illnesses and relationship problems.

House Number 9

9 is the number of endings and completions. It could mean the end of a relationship, the end of an era, the end of a job. There are ends that may seem sad or even tragic, but there are others that brings us happiness. Yes, it could be the end of a relationship, but on the other hand it could be the end of living alone. Whatever the case may be, I choose to see this as enlightenment, because after an end there’s always a beginning. This house can also attract healers, such as medical or social workers, after all, 9 is the humanitarian.

If you happen to be living under this roof, perhaps it would be best for you to meditate on what is going on in your life. Do you want to finish anything? Is there any particular area of your life that needs attention? Where are you in terms of evolution and awakening? Indeed, this house can shake us up. Try to understand what it is trying to tell you and then move on. If you find this energy to be difficult, know that there are ways, tools and professionals that can help you at bringing balance of energy in your home.

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