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Numerology & Business

We’re becoming aware, more than ever before, of the power of Numbers. If you have a smart phone, among millions of other devices or examples, you see how powerful Numbers can be.

“Numbers are the essence of all things!” Pythagoras.

“We sail through life in a Sea of Numbers!” Einstein.

The world, in which we live, operates through the power of Numbers and, whether we accept it or not, we’re totally controlled by them. The world of Business is no different, it’s all about “Numbers”, from financial projections, addresses, signing dates or opening day, all is controlled by Numbers.

“Ok Mr. Numerologist-Coach, how can Numerology help me in my Business?”

  1. Numerology helps you with choosing the best name for the business.

  2. The ideal date to start your business.

  3. Know who your partners really are and what to expect from them.

  4. Signing a business deal.

  5. Choose the best people for the job.

  6. The business phone Number.

  7. The civic address.

  8. The amount offered to buy or invest in the business.

  9. And must more…

If you think Numerology is part of some crazy occult, mystic, esoteric practice, I suggest you come out of it. It’s all about MATHEMATICS and, if there was/is a Secret, this would be it! Knowledge and master the use of the power of Numbers!

This science was used by the Ancients and dates back to antiquity and most probably, beyond Earth time. Do some research and you’ll find Numerology everywhere ‘power’ is, from the clergy to the emperor! Numbers govern every function or aspect and movement on this planet and beyond… period!

Every Number and letter – through numeric conversion – carries a frequency wave that vibrates and impacts everything on its path. When these waves are not flowing in harmony, fragmented if you will, don’t expect any positive result. Failure to know this, in many cases, it becomes the recipe for disaster.

When you begin a new business, you want and need to be sure your personal energy – Life Code – and cycle you are in, is compatible and in harmony with your goal. In other words, you don’t want to jump on a train that has left minutes ago! Failure to know this can result in headaches, conflict, burnout or emotional detachment – abandon the project – give up!

No one wants to start a business with a thick rope around their neck. Numerology in Business guides you on key Numbers to avoid such beginning. Key Numbers offer you the potential to grow with more success, and, most of all, feel and live that success.

“Hidden for too long!” Numerology is now FAST becoming a valuable tool to assist people to understand their Personal and Professional path in life. Business Names and Charts could potentially determine the success or failure of any business. Choosing the best date to register your business. Guide you when hiring staff members – get the right man for the job – in a business environment to learn what you can expect from that person, how they will work together and the results they will give you. Numerology empowers you to make career or business decisions with both awareness and clarity.

Numerology is like a GPS that can guide you straight to the point, avoid delays and choose the best routes. It empowers you to make personal, career or business decisions with awareness and clarity.

Sometimes becoming profitable is just a matter of analysing the Numbers. If you want to succeed make sure that your name and business name vibrate favourably with each other. You should enter only the business for which you are best suited and not because your friend or someone else is doing well at it. When you apply the principles found in your Life-Code, you will know what business will suit you the most.

Your birth date Number, by its nature, indicates certain lines of business. The name Number, which tells about potential and motivation, acquires more power as you mature, and, when positively used, adds to your success. Your benefits will be immense as your business name will attract prospective leads, successful conditions and excellent results. Each letter, each digit vibrates in a particular frequency, although every phone Number is found in the Numbers from 0 to 9, failure to know a certain sequence will keep you from reaching a specific ‘call’.

Numbers are consulted for the selection of potential candidates based upon resumes and the interviewing of candidates, right through to the final selection, or for any of these stages individually. Don’t see it as negative or discrimination, but rather as a wonderful tool than can avoid setbacks, loss of time and headaches for both parties. Numerology supports the personal growth and development of each individual, and offers greater understanding that will enable you to make the best decisions for both parties.


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