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Numerology Reveals your Life’s-Code

  1. Do you ever wonder if you are on the right path?

  2. Do you recognize your talents, your weaknesses and strengths?

  3. Do you question your choices?

  4. Do you know what the future may hold for you?

  5. Are you happy and fulfilled?

  6. Do you see everyday day as an exciting new experience?

  7. Are you healthy, prosperous and peaceful?

Although everything is relative, these basic questions should have a ‘yes’ as response, if you answered NO to one or more I strongly suggest you get in touch with your Life-Code.

Do you ever ask?

  1. Why am I here?

  2. What’s the point of my life?

  3. Am I doing the right thing?

  4. Am I Making the right choices?

  5. Is it possible to have an easier and more pleasant life?

If you’d like answers to these questions, you might want to consult your Life-Code.

What is a Life-Code?

Every one of us has a unique Code – a frequency of existence that determines who we are and what we seek to accomplish in this lifetime. With each of us having our own distinctive nature, personality, strengths and weaknesses – challenges, trials and situations to experience, it stands to reason that what may be good or perfect for one, may not be at all good or perfect for another. Understanding these unique codes can help us to move out of conflict and into harmony.

Through Intuitive-Numerology-Coaching your individual code is revealed, and, in discovering why you are the way you are, you can begin to improve every element of your life.

It can bring clarity to issues regarding your health, finances, and relationships, but most importantly it can help you to discover and ultimately succeed in your chosen Destiny – the primary intention that brought you here.

Learning the Life-Codes of our partners, children, parents or colleagues can help us find the harmony and stability we all desire and establish happiness and prosperity in our lives.

How can I benefit from such knowledge?

What is the benefit of knowing your Life-Code? It would be like asking, what’s the benefit of knowing where you’re going when travelling! Nothing and no one is from a blind source. We all have a purpose and valuable motive to be here. Your Life-Code holds the key to these answers. It can help redefine the way you see yourself and your world. It can open your eyes to different choices and opportunities and help you make the necessary changes to achieve success in every area of your life, helping you to discover your talents, strengths and path you were born to follow.

You are meant to be Happy.

The highest priority of your being is to discover happiness in the physical experience, something impossible in the spiritual realms. Your Destiny – mission – is encoded in your Life-Code in the form of a program. This is what gives way to all the experiences you chose to experiment in this lifetime.

You have two Hard-Drives.

At birth you arrived with two ‘hard-drives’.

#1 Hard-Drive contains memories – data – gathered in your multiple past lives. Some you love and want to keep, others, however, could use a little cleaning, healing and closure. We all come into life with a unique program encrypted in a Life-Code. No one travels with the same luggage, we all have a different combination of ‘corridors’ travelled.

The #2 Hard-Drive is virgin – nothing in it, and ready to receive. A particular attention is needed here, especially within the first 28 years of your life. Much of what will be written will become an installed program that will impact the quality of your life. In most cases, it creates confusion, a ‘short-circuit’ if you will, in your Life-Code. A great majority of people in our society die at the age of 28, then, wait around for more or less 60 years to be buried.

Your Life-Code is your blueprint, it stands for what you want to encounter, explore and experience this lifetime. Like fingerprints, your passage leaves behind individual marks on everyone and everything it touches and, this is what I’m talking about when I refer to the two ‘Hard-Drives’. Because of our connection, we all write in each-others Discs. Therefore, everywhere you walk in the world, you leave behind unique and valuable prints. Some you want to keep, others may need a little ‘dusting’ around the edges.

Your Life-Code is Unique.

Your Life-Code is special, one-of-a-kind. For that reason, you should never compare yourself to anybody. Every inch of your skin has a unique print, therefore, your Life-Code is ABSOLUTELY exclusive to you. It’s as individual as your signature, a frequency of divine light refracted through the prism of your uniqueness – the filaments of your Being.

The Great Forgetting.

Although specs of memories may be a part of our first 36 months of life, we all fall into deep amnesia. ‘Why is our own Life-Plan a mystery to our personality?’ ‘Why did we choose to forget who we really are and what we’re here to do?’ The answer is actually quite simple, it would be very hard, not to say impossible, to focus and go through life while remembering all we have been and what we really are. It would be like playing a game knowing every detail including the score.

The great Forgetting is crucial to the success we want to acquire in every voyage we take. It’s like planned chapters that lead us to write the pages that ultimately become our sacred book.

Crack your Life-Code.

The great Greek mathematician Pythagoras is said to be a pioneer in cracking the Life-Code. In approximately 550 BC, he came to the conclusion that numbers were the essence of all things. Using a mystical number association, Pythagoras concluded that the human soul was immortal and travelled through ‘time’. Within this mathematical philosophy, Pythagoras took on a mystical-religious attitude based on the belief that Souls transmigrated using a discipline of life unifying the body and mind to achieve spiritual completion.

Cracking the Code doesn’t mean remembering who we really are, or the composition of our infinite lifetimes… no! It means helping us understand why we are here and what we are looking for – to get a clear view of the mission we endorsed which in turn will remove the confusion you live that often times creates setbacks. By divine orchestration, we gradually awaken to who we are NOT and what we’re here to accomplish. The sky clears and our divine mission becomes recognisable!

When we attain the necessary consciousness, mastery, faith and openness of the heart, our Life-Code will unfold naturally. The veils will fall. We awake, the heart begins to command, the mind finally obeys and our mission becomes crystal clear.

Dance to the rhythm of your Drum.

We all have a personal contribution to offer humanity. Your specific life plan in encoded as frequency in your being and named Destiny. You may think of it as your personal ‘song’, and your intention, is to share it. No instrument by itself becomes the orchestra! No continent alone becomes the planet! No Destiny alone would have a reason to be or meaningful existence.

Celebrate your ‘Gifts’ they’re unique to you.

Our gifs and potential reside and are alive coded in everyone one of us – in our Numerology-Code. We all detain an acquired knowledge from the many corridors we have travelled. Once FEAR, DOUBT as well as feelings of VICTIM and GUILT are set aside, all limitations and blockages that obstruct our very gifts will be eliminated.

The happiness we search can only be felt with the accomplishment of our mission, our Life-Code, our Original Contract. The faster we get there, the faster we understand the meaning of Love, Success and Abundance in our lives.


António L. Santos & Sérgio Fialho

Dream, Imagine & Believe | Solutions in Motion | ©NCC-Coaching |

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