(by Antonio L. Santos)

We meet ourselves time and time again

in a thousand disguises on the paths of life.

Carl Jung

“Rubert, we’ve talked about, incarnation, karma, illnesses and detriments. You also have mentioned several times – plans and missions. How does it work, do we plan all this by ourselves?”

            “No. A plan and mission is of extreme importance and requires much responsibility. You could not plan for this trip all alone, you need guidance and a peer group to help you complete the mission – help you plan for its completion. Although time does not exist in the spiritual realms, timing still needs to be respected. If you have already experienced incarnation, then facts and consequences have been created. Hence, we, spirit guides come around often to encourage you to take up the next incarnation. Perhaps the galaxy, which you need to visit, is about to offer the best frequency needed for your next trip. Also, the groups with which you have already been involved with in other lives and have issues with to resolve are present in this life and you would not want to lose this precious opportunity. If you have listened to the ancient ones carefully, then your decision is clear, the incarnation desired, the peer group present and we all get to work. We come together through the bond that love experiences have created among us. I, for example, have lived with you in previous lives. We were practically everything to each other. You may not remember at this time, but our ties run deep. Although much advice and wisdom is offered to you, the last word and final decision to enter this world is yours to make.”

“How can you call it free will when there seems to be a lot of rules, I thought things were simpler in the spiritual realm.”

            “It is simple. However, when you decide to take physical form, then things get a little more complicated. As you may suspect, coming into a group will generate consequences. Of course, this is the very reason why we incarnate; actions and consequences need and must be experienced. However, as time progresses and you develop further, so does your planning and expectations.

            Once all is ready and approved by the counsel you finally take physical form and carry on with your mission. I, as well as other guides, are here to help you accomplish your choices of life experiences. You have given us directives about what we should and should not let slip from your awareness. You have set the plan for your current life. You have placed everything in the sequence that will most serve your chosen destiny. As I have previously explained to you, every great mission needs a plan, and life is indeed a great mission for the Soul.

            You chose your physical body, your place of birth, your parents, your language, your intellect, and the group of people from which to evolve. Also, along the road of your journey, you have placed important signs, conflicts and encounters. A specific noise or smell can direct you, towards or away from an experience. It only takes one minute for the course of your life to change. A phone call or even a flat tire can substantially change the synchronism of your day, or life even. You also chose the exact day of your birth, so that you could have the specific coding of vibration you needed for your experiences in this life. Your numerology vibration, which we’ve also spoken about before, has defined this truth.

            Life is a game, a good and valuable game. Like every important game, a lot of preparation and planning is needed for success. Before entering the tunnel of rebirth, you have set everything in place with your Guides and Counselors. Carefully, you reviewed all the details of the experiences you wanted to experiment, the karmic situations you decided to confront and perhaps terminate. Having a life plan does not mean you are going to live it to the letter, it rarely happens. That is why, while in spiritual form, you need to carefully work on the details and planning. I am here today and will be here for the rest of your journey. Before me you had someone else, a guide who came through to help you evolve in a sensitive and loving way. She was very close to you – a celestial mother, helping you through your earlier years. Although her task has finished, she still comes around to check on you. You cannot kill or harm a living thing can you Antonio? She was the one who has helped you achieve such a quality. Today I am the speaker of the group that evolves with you. Although the group will change, your path will remain the same as you walk towards your destination.

            As we grow in wisdom we learn to prepare ourselves better. We use options in wiser ways, which enable us to have better results to move forward in our journey. Counselors and Guides are always there to help along the way. They advise you with their wisdom and respect your choices. You, as everyone else you meet, are here on a mission – WE all are! Our mission is to grow and evolve out of a state of ignorance – to move from the Dark into the Light.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier if we remembered our own plans?”

            “Easier, yes. Effective, not at all. Try to understand that if you remembered everything you as a Soul know, your human brain would never be able to handle it, and you would refuse to face whatever you came here to face. Knowing your experiences ahead of time, would, hinder you from higher involvement.”

“What about mediums and clairvoyants they seem to know and remember – aren’t they hindered too? Have they stopped their evolution?”

            “Some are hindered by the memories, having a difficult time dealing with their knowledge – but even they remember so much.”

“What do you mean only so much?”

“They may have flashes, visions or strong feelings, but only those permitted by the Divine. When they read you, they only see what you have planned for them to see. Every Soul has its private space; no one person or any thing can penetrate it. It is your personal, confidentiality agreement with The Creator. Clairvoyants and mediums remember but a fraction of the total picture and the same applies for what they can see. You must be cautious when weak in spirit, not to use them to seek answers. Also make sure they are not using you to gain profit. If you consult a medium, you must make certain that he or she is communicating through the Spiritual Dimension and not the lower astral.” 

“Aren’t you, Spiritual guides here to protect us from such possibilities, making sure no one interferes?”

“Now that would be disallowing free will, would it not?”

“I think, but don’t you have the free will to protect me?”

“I am afraid that is not the way it works Antonio. Free will on earth is something that you exert among yourselves. We, spiritual guides, are not evolving at the same level you are. If we were to exert our free will among you that would not be ‘fair’ to you. The free will has to come from you.  You have to be the one asking for the desired protection. We can only wait for your call. However, we do have the right to protect you from re-experiencing hardships you have already acquired. In addition we have directives to protect you from the experiences you did not want to take part in, those you told us to take care of before taking physical form. It is always you who decides what you want. Free will is far more complex than you may think. It is paired with responsibility and transports you to a worthy destination.”

“Let me get this straight, if I am about to die from an experience, of which I am ignorant, there is nothing you will do for me, unless I ask you to do so?”

            “Not if you have chosen to die that way. However, if dying in that way was not part of your initial plan, then I have the right to alter things in ways to avoid such situations from happening.”

“Can I ask you to protect me for always, without having to ask you to do so daily or in specific situations?”

“Absolutely. Think of your physical body as a monument with two doors, one on the left and the other on the right. Your monument has within its walls magnificent treasures. The door to your right has God protecting you from visitors with bad intentions. The door to your left is unguarded – anyone and anything can travel through it. It is up to you, when you have reached understanding of your mission and your Soul’s purpose, to place me as your protector behind that door. With God on the right and me on the left, you need not to worry about the lower Astral, or any other dimension that may want to use you. All those who are involved in spiritualism practices will stay away from you. Even certain mediums will not be able to read you or look you in the eye.”

“I understand, but shouldn’t that protection be automatic?”

            “No. It is that very left door that brings you the privilege of free will, and free will the opportunity to grow and evolve.”  

“Why have you mentioned spiritualism as something harmful?”

“Spiritualism and Spirituality are two different things. Think of spiritualism as the world of the death, those who have not yet gone home, and those who are still between two worlds. Although out of the world of matter, they still have a body to identify themselves with. Spirituality is the dimension of Love where we all belong. There is no body, no space or frontiers. When we descend to you, we do it out of love and unconditional service. When you deal with spiritualism, everything is conditional and love is yet to be understood. Inhabiting a physical or astral body is existing conditionally.”

“What do you mean by conditionally?”

            “You unfold in three bodies; Physical, Astral and Spiritual. Your Spirit (Soul) is independent, the Physical and Astral remain dependent, which makes them exist conditionally. While your Physical body needs food to stay alive, your Astral needs emotions to remain in that state. Ghosts live off the emotions they themselves have, and will muddle with anyone who will allow them to. A deceased alcoholic that refuses to return home may look for other alcoholics on earth just to feel the alcohol effect.”

“How can they do such thing without a physical body?”

            “By entering the body. It is not an easy task, but they do develop strategies of their own. Being drunk is being weak in spirit and weak in spirit is all they need to enter and feel.”

“That is scary!”

            “When you know about it, yes it is.”

“What do you mean?”

            “Those who go through such experiences hardly ever feel the difference, for their physical state is already altered.”

“Are there exceptions?”

            “Yes… when such experiences turn to drama. When they do things they know they would not do normally. However, often, in the courtroom they claim to be possessed by a bad spirit, but no one believes them.”

“How can we ask for such protection?”

“We? You have already done that. Remember when you asked me and all your Spiritual Guides to employ you, show you what you could do, and help you do it? Page 160, just go back and read it. Everyone should ask as they mean it, once a day for seven days. If we feel in your heart that you really want us, then, we are there for you.”

“Why seven days, is it because I’m a 7 vibration?”

            “Not at all. Seven is a symbolic number with various meanings, but is also the number of days it takes to complete your week.”

“Why is it that Spirit Guides get to decide whether we mean it or not?”

            “Just as I said, when we feel that you mean it, then we comply. We do not decide for you, we just wait until you know what you want and are serious about it. May I remind you that often times, when you wake up in the morning, you have an idea, then, by the time night falls you have already changed your mind. If after seven days you are still asking for the same thing – then we surmise that you must be serious. Remember, you are not asking us to simply help you have a good day. When you want us to watch that left door and to work with you for the remaining of this life, we need to know that your request is not an impulsive decision.”

“I understand, and thank-you Rubert, for letting us know this.”

            “You are most welcomed.”

It was a few weeks later that I found myself understanding Rubert’s explanation of perception clearly. I received a call from a friend who was very depressed – it was in explaining to her that I realized, not only that I was teaching, but understanding fully:

“…I’m glad that you called me, I’ve been studying illnesses with someone who is quite good and perhaps I can help you. Depression is the result of the images you are sending to your conscious mind. Let me give you an example of how this works. Let’s say you move to a new house. The first day you drive home, you need to check for directions such as street names and other signs. The second day you still need to pay attention to where you’re going. Two weeks later, what happens? Precisely, you find yourself just driving there, without checking for directions or signs. In the beginning you were consciously looking for the directions to get you there. Because of persistence, you have imprinted the route in your conscious mind. When something gets imprinted in our conscious mind, it becomes a habit. We all have a habit or two, no matter what that habit is, it’s always challenging for us to rid ourselves of it. In your case, this habit is depression. You did not get depressed overnight, or out of good and happy thoughts. If you are feeling depressed it is because you have brought a judgment to a situation or a person. You have judged that such should be like this, or your life should be like that. For example that your daughter should be more like this, or your son should be more like that, that your job should be more, or your boss should be less of that. Even the weather can get you depressed, if you allow it. Whatever the case may be, all is nothing but a matter of perception. Depression takes a lot of work. We have to put a set of patterns together, then, work hard at it until it gets imprinted in our conscious mind. Once this is accomplished, you realize you don’t like it. Now how to get rid of it? You could go see a therapist and chances are he might prescribe pills with your therapy. You may even end up attending group therapy, a place where everyone shares their misfortunes. There is an alternate route – and that is, to consciously change your perception of the situation by becoming aware of why that experience has been lived by you. Depression is caused by wishing something, convincing yourself of something, expecting something, judging something, and/or most frequently by not accepting something.

Once something has been imprinted in your conscious mind, it is very difficult to rid oneself of it. You have to find out what has brought you to that depressive state – the root of it. Really detect the very thing you have visualized that created this emotion. In order to do such healing you need to be totally sincere and honest with yourself. Once you have established the negative thought processes, then you can work towards replacing these negative thoughts causing the depression with positive ones, detailing a different perception that will move you away from the depressive state. By accepting your situation and perceiving it in a positive light – the darkness of depression will be gone. Depression is nothing but an image of how we think things should be. Nothing in itself is good or bad, right or wrong until we bring a judgment to it. It takes effort to acknowledge our creations of emotions through judgments. Situations are only as hard as we make them. Moving towards change takes a lot of effort and reconditioning of the self.”

I went on to tell my friend about an uncle who a long time ago received a harp as a gift. It was an antique – in fact a collector item. He loved it so much he decided that it deserved to be tuned and cleaned. A technician was called to make the adjustments. It didn’t take him too long, but before leaving, the technician told my uncle that he would be back the following week. My uncle intrigued asked him why, if the harp was fine-tuned, what was the point of returning the following week. The technician looked at him and said… ‘Sir, your harp has been out of tune for far too long, which means that in a day or two it will fall back out of tune. I must condition it to remain so by returning frequently to re-tune it. In order to do so, I will have to return in a week, then two weeks later, then, once a month for a period of three months.’

As that harp – we too, often have remained stuck in one position, situation, and state of thinking. In order to evolve to new ground and move on towards new experiences we too must recondition our mind. We must recondition ourselves to understand that there is more to us, that we have a purpose, that situations are mere experiences to teach us lessons so that we may evolve. We must give up the perception of one life – one chance. We must believe in the knowledge of our Soul.

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