Pope Francis


Let me present to you my Numerology reading of Pope Francis.

Pope Francis is first and foremost a very intelligent man with an incredible developed intuition, he’s one of those who simply knows.

The church needs to prepare itself to deal with this character that, although just and equitable, he is one that will do whatever he has in his head… period!

He means business, and he will do whatever it takes to change that which once – in his thirties – left him questioning the ways of the church.

I can’t say he is a spiritual man – even though all we really are is spiritual beings in a physical experience – according to his code – numbers – he is more of an entrepreneur with a vision and the willingness to get the work done.

He’s very emotional and sensitive which, behind closed doors, will lead him to say what he feels and what needs to be done, these characteristics along with his high stubbornness will show whose boss.

He’s a hard worker, team player, organized and family oriented. Pope Francis is also a self-made humanitarian and philanthropist.

His mission is about expression – expressing his beliefs and convictions. For many centuries the Pope figure was supposed to represent Christ. However, the distortion and contradiction it has given us by dressing like a million dollars – when on the other hand they say that Christ was humble, simple and poor – is now differently expressed by Pope Francis.

In his life cycle, he’s in his spiritual year – Personal Year 7 – and was elected Pope in March – Personal Month 1 – coincidence!? Of course not!

He mentioned a poor church serving the poor, obviously contradicting his own destiny focus – which is about achievement and abundance – this because of his only karmic-lesson 8. This contradiction was spiritually chosen to tame the ego. However, what he should say – perhaps that is what he’s thinking – is to have a rich and strong church at the service of the people!

Energy wise, Pope Francis and president Obama have a lot in common, something that pleases me and places me in a beautiful place in terms of hope, equity and change. As soon as all leaders set their priorities straight, which are, serving the people, it will cause an equal and opposite reaction that ultimately gets everyone working in the same direction. Pope Francis and president Obama are HUGE examples of that.

Pope Francis is a very talented man with a very happy disposition – his light is radiant, convincing and ‘darling’. He’s not necessarily a leader, but one that, through example, will get the work done.

Pope Francis IS NOT a spiritual teacher at all, I see him as an incredible teacher of MORALS. As far as my teachings and research goes, that is exactly what Christ did. The concept of God and His punishments were brought about to deal with the ignorance of those days. Times have changed and shifted now, the only way to get to know God is to go within, develop good morals and accept one’s responsibilities. If the church wants to resurrect, it has to move towards this.

God will never save us!!! The devil will never hurt us!!! All hurt and savior has and does come from us, until we understand this, all we really do is turn in circles!!!

Conclusion, Pope Francis is a good man and one who will do the church good. When I look at his code, I see a determined avatar with a mission and a vision…

Ps. feel free to share this… warm blessings to all.

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