Quebec Elections


Pauline Marois Numerology Highlights:

Born on the 29th of March 1949


Destiny 19/1 (Life-Path)

Her Destiny is a 1, which stands for leadership – leading and directing. However, her Destiny number comes out of a 19/1, which is a karma debt and stands for authoritarian, manipulator, egocentric. Her personality being 29/11, offers a very string and powerful mind – Intelligent and mentally quick.

The presence of a 19/1 Destiny (life-path) cannot be ignored, for it will twist all other numbers. A powerful mind together with authority and power on the throne will lead her to have a crooked index finger – index finger is our mental body and house to the ego. Her index (Jupiter) finger has a very small and crooked last phalange.

The only way this combination could turn positive, is if the person had Spiritual knowledge of the action-reaction – cause and effect, otherwise it will mostly be used selfishly.

This is a Personal Year 3 for her, and because the election took place on April 7th, she finds herself living her Personal Month 7, on a day 7… the 3 will express all that 7s have to say – 7 stands for truth, nothing that is a lie will pass, only sincerity will.

29-3-2014=21/3+Month 4=7 +day7=14/5, this is her Personal Day 5, and 5 stands for change, her life will change today.


Philippe Couillard Numerology Highlights:

Born on the 26th of June 1957


Destiny 36/9 Life-Path

His Destiny has to do with humanitarian and philanthropist, 9 is the number of Gandhi. With a Personality 8, this man was definitely meant to be a doctor or a catalyst – leader of cause. Born the 26/8 of any month adds a great degree of entrepreneurship to his energy.

There is no karma debt in his code.

This combination has a sincere desire to better people’s lives, let me remind you that Nelson Mandela had an 8 and a 9 just like Philippe Couillard.

This is his Personal Year 2, which means last year was his Personal Year 1 when he became leader of the Liberal party.

26+6+2013=20/2+ Month 4=6 +day7=13/4, if he’s elected, a lot of work is waiting ahead.


Francois Legault Numerology Highlights:

Born on the 26th of May 1957


Destiny 35/8 Life-Path

His Destiny has to do with business and economics – an entrepreneur.  Because his Personality is also an 8, it is obvious that this man had to be involved in major business. He was born a worker, has potential and is able to make things work. Because too much energy 8 is involved, a certain obsession could be part of the whole, which can tick some partners off.

There is no karma debt in his code.

I’m not sure his way of doing business would fit with politics, the reason is simple, too many attachments – banks, corporations, unions, etc.

This is his Personal Year 1, it speaks of a new beginning – a new life. It could go either ways, elected or move on to another occupation.

26+5+2013=19/1 +Month 4=5 +day7=12/3, a surprise is definitely up ahead.

As a result, I would place:

1- Philippe Couillard

2- François Legault

3- Pauline Marois

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