Richard Branson a 22 Destiny-Lifepath


I have never had a truly professional job. I’ve never been on the other side of the interview process, and I’ve (thankfully!) never had a boss. From a very young age – long before I knew what the word meant – I was an entrepreneur.

My introduction to the working world came from my mother, who was always using her limitless imagination to come up with new business ideas. She managed the whole process herself, from developing the ideas, to crafting the products, to making deals with distributors and selling goods herself. One of her more successful ventures was building and selling wooden tissue boxes and wastepaper bins in national stores.

She was resolute, and taught me if an item didn’t sell, you try something else. I was always helping around the house and picked up a lot of useful tips without ever realising it at the time. I made plenty of mistakes and was able to learn from them rather than spend time fretting over every little error. There was never enough time for that, it was always on to the next adventure!

When I was 11, I decided it was time to start my own small business. With my best friend Nik Powell as my partner, we set about breeding budgerigars. We saw a gap in the market to sell budgies as they were very popular with kids in school at the time. However, they kept multiplying quicker than we could sell them, and the school holidays were coming to an end…

We went back off to boarding school and left my parents to look after all the birds. We lived in the countryside, and I think the rats got to some of them. As for the rest? My mum opened the cages and set them free! Next I tried selling Christmas trees, buying lots of small ones and hoping to make a fortune when they grew. Sadly, the rabbits ate those!

While we were discussing this we were also making a documentary about my passion for animal conservation. I guess the budgerigars weren’t a good start! But perhaps they ignited my passion for animals, which has stayed with me all of my life. Now we breed endangered lemurs on Necker Island, and Virgin Unite support animal conservation schemes from sharks to rhinos, rays to elephants.

Despite the setbacks with budgies and Christmas trees, my appetite for the life of an entrepreneur wasn’t sated. Thankfully our next venture — Student Magazine — went a lot better, and from that sprang Virgin Records. Forty years on, the Virgin Group has more than 100 companies and approximately 60,000 employees in over 50 countries. But if it wasn’t for those first few failures, the future successes would never have happened.

One thing to remember is to be flexible. I was whatever was necessary when I wrote to people. Editor to some. Circulation manager to others. Advertising manager to others!

What setbacks did you encounter in your first job? And, more importantly, what did you learn from them?


“I live my ambitions, and show realization!”

Destiny 22 regroups people who are, determined, persistent and ambitious. This is without a doubt, the most powerful and perhaps the most difficult vibration to travel through. The energy and willingness to act is very much a part of this frequency. The key to succeed this rather difficult destiny is to really build confidence in yourself, accepting that indeed you do have this power to build and initiate new projects or enhance those already existent. Accept the fact that you are ambitious and you want more out of life. You should, however, make sure you are always driven by good intentions, intentions that will benefit you and society in general. Remember, a powerful and ambitious energy can also lead towards criminal activities. Since we are collectors of memories traveling through time sooner or later we have to answer to that which we have created.

If you have a high level of education, this will help you considerably through success. Unconsciously, those living under this code of vibration are often attracted towards education or mastery. However, many 22s have successfully graduated from the school of life and are accomplishing extremely well their destiny.

When I speak of energy 22, three names always come to mind, Paul McCartney, Brian Adams and Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso), I look at them as master achievers. They do give us an interesting view of the positive aspect of this frequency. Although two of them make huge amounts of money, never before has a Dalai Lama traveled so much and share his vision with the world like Tenzin Gyatso. As for Brian and Paul, I would venture saying that they do not really work for the money, but rather for their passion to achieve. They are indeed two master builders.

22 generally have a good heart and they envisage the best for society. May it be a hospital, an institution, a church, a charitable organization or foundation, 22s find pleasure in building and sharing something worthwhile. In doing so, they will not only have a sense of accomplishment they will be highly rewarded for it as well. Master vibrations indicate individuals that are intelligent and capable of great things. However, in order to do so they have to build self confidence; be positive and convinced that no matter what they choose to undertake they will succeed. Trust is indeed the word here.

Although 22s are rare as clients seeking information, I had the privilege to meet a few in my many years of numerologist. The experience I kept from them is that they are extraordinary beings, but many display signs of incertitude and confusion. This is due to that fact of ignoring the characteristics of their chosen vibration – master number vibration. You must trust in the invisible force that drives you – your spirit. No, you are not like most of us, for yours is a master builder number and much is expected from you. Identify your thoughts, your desires and your passions, then, be courageous and move forward, the universe will never fail you.

When Negative: The moment you doubt your power and potential, 22s automatically retreat to the lower vibration 4, (2+2) in doing so, they find what they think is comfort, but this so called comfort will be short lived. You’ll most probably find yourself juggling between the energy 4 and 22 which in turn will create nervous tension and cause you to store emotions. As a result, you’ll experience discomfort and illness. If you find yourself gaining weight chances are you are getting off your chosen destiny. In fact, the negativity of this number is associated with retreating to the simple vibration of 4. To give an example of the power of 22 vs. 4, 4 will be content to have built a house, 22 will be content for having built an entire project. This is the difference between the application of 4 and realization of 22.

Profession: In terms of profession, it is obvious that you were not meant to receive orders or be a simple employee. 22s, just as 8s, are self made entrepreneurs, restless, ambitious and driven. To live a happy and productive life you must truly develop self-confidence and learn to follow your instincts. Accept your destiny. Choose an occupation that speaks to you and that you are passionate about. Remember, you are not very good handling details, you should consider hiring someone to take care of them for you. A thought: 22s, whatever you may feel in your heart, you can have in your hand.

Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize that you do hold great power to built and achieve. Your energy as well as your intention, ambition, determination and persistence are different. These characteristics should not be seen or though of as superiority or used in a pretentious way, they simply are part of your chosen destiny. The key to your financial success resides in your ability to put aside every possible myth that may be keeping you from getting ahead. Be courageous and honest and then follow your convictions. There are no limits for you, only those you choose to foster.

Relationships: Just as 4s do, 22s also desire, need and appreciate a stable relationship. The most common problems I have found that can seriously sabotage and ultimately destroy the relationship is their stubbornness and rigidity, but most of all, 22s, the master builder, has the tendency to put most of their energy on their work, forgetting the needs of a relationship. A big house, expensive car, jewelry, doesn’t necessarily do it. Although easier said than done, you must find balance in this area.

Health: The downside of a master number vibration is the double energy they receive. You must take care of your health. Learn about chakras (the energy centers of the physical body) and emotional blockages. Keep active, avoid stubbornness and rigidity. Try to learn how to take time off. Understand your ego and be in control of it. As much as you can, have a direct contact with nature. When you feel uneasy, you should stop, look and listen, in doing so, you will be able to identify the source of the problem.

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