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robin williams

Robin McLaurin Williams, left us yesterday, Aug. 11th 2014.

Robin’s DOB: 21-7-1951.


Died: 11-8-2014


A Destiny 8 (power, realization, abundance, success…) with a Personality 21/3 (communication, talent, artistic, emotion…) encloses an enormous artistic potential, together with his first two Pinnacles 1 (pioneer, creative, ideas, autonomous decisions) and his Expression 31/4 (will power, worker, persistent, determined…), no matter what he does, it will always be done in a big way!

He was extremely intelligent, intellectual, visionary, (Motivation 11 with first and last Period 7). It is now obvious that he never attained his spiritual Maturity (48/12/3), which asks for happiness and contentment in spite of all he had to go through his entire life, committing suicide confirms this to be so.

This code spells suffering. His reason to be – his Destiny – and all this vibration asks for, was not in line with what his Motivation 11 (spiritual, visionary, philanthropy, celestial) and his first and last Period of life asked. As of result, all that ‘supposed’ success, glamour, money, house… was of little importance to his Soul’s desires.

All people I have had the privilege of seeing in my career of Holistic-Coach that were Destiny 8 and Personality 3, all, without exception, showed unhappiness, confusion, lack of direction and an inclination for depression…

He was a man with two distinct personalities – one for the public and another for his personal life. Although his Inner Desires (20/2) speak of union, relationships, friendships, it also indicates a certain difficulty with the Lime Light – it suggests someone who rather be behind the scenes. Then comes the other numbers in his code – 3, 8 e 1 – which asks for the exact contrary. Very confusing indeed!

The freedom his last Pinnacle asks for will be quite difficult to attain because his other numbers don’t support that feeling. The question here would be, “what freedom?” Due to his Motivation 11 and last Period 7, it is obvious to me that this freedom would be spiritual freedom – to live the rest of his life knowing that he’s sailing in a sea of illusion.

Robin, you lived your life joking, it is sad that you didn’t feel that in your heart, for life is nothing but a joke – a play – nothing else! The freedom you were looking for resides in the ability to live the eternal, the sacred, the precious… NOW! … without expectations.

Robin, you were the actor in the movie “What Dreams May Come” on that film your wife committed suicide. You lived and saw what happens after suicide, but you went ahead and chose to end your life this way. I confess that it is quite curious to me!

When we look at your right hand – active – we see a beautiful heart line curved and ending between your Saturn and Jupiter fingers – the ideal ending – it shows passion, loving and a possible emotional balance. Your head line, although it looks ok, it turns down radically into the rational zone of the palm – the primitive – this is the zone that tells us the earth is flat – too much logic. The information we get from the heart line is not at all congruent with the information in your head line.

His long and promising life line enters deep in the palm, however, being connected so strongly to the head line, tells us that he was governed by the head, this formation also tells us that he was very dependent of others and/or substances. He needed assurance and support to feel happy. Now, this goes totally against the energy 7 and 1 – which was abundant in his code – both ask for autonomy, self-confidence and Independence. The result is a severe inner confusion.

When a head line turns down into the zone of logic, it indicates mental confusion, but it doesn’t end here, it also gives origin to feelings like; “…what’s the use!? Nothing of this means anything!!! I’m fed-up anyway!!!”

He has a clear fire hand, his fingers are relatively separated from each other, which indicates a certain balance within their own faculties. His fingers are thin, it suggests an intellectual worker, artistic, creative, but always at a mental level, not someone we could classify and manual. The pressure created by the fire hand – fire hands are very intense – was difficult to express and exteriorize by his thin fingers, which may have cause high blood pressure or nervous tension.

R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) Robin… I love you as an actor.

Robin DOB 21-7-1951


Died 11-8-2014


He entered his personal year 8 last month, which was for him a year of rebirth, even though he committed suicide (not yet official), this suicide may not be Karmic, I say this because of his spiritual age (two challenges 0) along with the presence of these three 8s.

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António L. Santos

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