THE 13th TRIBE of ISRAEL (Journey’s End)


[Received by Antonio L. Santos, (Jan. 2001)


‘The time has come

for us to stop tuning separate instruments

and, together, create a symphony.’


Rubert’s information about Christ not having died on the cross was very shocking to me, especially because this was information I had not been privy to previously, but I have long ago learned and accepted that things are not exactly what they seem to be or how we’ve been taught or told they are.

“Rubert, what to Christ after the crucifixion, where did he go, what did he do?”

            “Christ, Judas, Tomas and mother Mary, went to Kashmir, to join the Benjamin tribe. Mary Madeleine (already pregnant), Joseph of Arimathea and another group of men and women headed north towards what is known today as France. After Mary Madeleine had her baby in France, this same group moved across the waters to what is known today as Scotland.”

“Why didn’t all the people who went to Kashmir with Christ go to Scotland? Why did Christ stay behind letting his wife and child move on to France and then Scotland without him?”

            “First and foremost they all had specific separate destinies to fulfill. In addition Christ feared that staying together would endanger their lives.  He felt that sooner or later he would be recognized even though he had changed his name to Joseph of Nowhere. Christ remained in Kashmir spending most of his life teaching about reincarnation and died in his late nineties. He sent the others off to fulfill the mission that the Gardner’s had planned for them. Led by Joseph of Arimathea, the rest of the group became the lost tribe of Israel, meant to educate and affect a shift consciousness.  Joseph of Arimathea and those with him were no ordinary group of individuals. They held within them much knowledge and wisdom. They had Christ’s instructions and directives of what they must do. Their teachings spread giving them followers that eventually inhabited various lands known to you today as the United Kingdom. Joseph of Arimathea became the father of Christianity and inaugurated the Glastonbury school, which is at the origin of the Druid tradition.

            Glastonbury, situated south west in Somerset, became associated with Avalon, the Island paradise of your Celtic mythology and home to the legendary magician Merlin and the sorceress Morgan le Fay, king Arthur’s sister. Glastonbury is where Joseph of Arimathea founded England’s first Christian church, and is also the reputed burial place of King Arthur. This lost tribe was destined to become very powerful with the ability to expand and bring progress to the entire planet. By the year 1906 the British Empire had occupied one-fifth of the land surface of the globe and had a population totalling 400 million people, not counting the North America”.

“I am aware of the fact that the Bible does tell the story of twelve tribes in Israel: the tribe of Judas, Ruben, Gad, Asher, Naftali, Manassés, Simon, Levi, Issacar, Zebulon, Benjamin and Joseph.  Is Joseph’s tribe one of these then?”

            “No. The tribe of Joseph of Arimathea is not mentioned in the Bible. Joseph of Arimathea’s tribe would be the 13th tribe of Israel – the lost tribe, which did inherit the earth since they ended up spreading all the way to what you know today as the United Kingdom and the United States, the strongest nations in the world.  Still, after two thousand years, much work remains to be done.  All the wisdom and knowledge bestowed upon you for centuries has not yet sunk into these powerful societies. Power is still abused and abundance is still acquired without sharing. You are rich and able to heal this planet, yet, you don’t. You today, more than ever bath in knowledge, knowledge that was sent to you by this 13th tribe.  Yet, you continue to move away from wisdom. You have the power to heal, yet do not.  The mission of the 13th tribe must be completed; if not then your societies will have dire results.”

“What do you mean?”

            “Antonio, failing to recognize your brothers, is failing to recognize yourself. Imagine for a moment an immense bowl of soup that you have all cooked together and from which all feed. Even though many of you do not like the taste of this soup, very few of you are actually willing to change the ingredients you are personally and collectively throwing in. As long as only a small number of you are willing to change the taste, the overall soup will basically taste the same. All of you want love in that bowl, yet you throw in hate. All of you want security in that bowl, yet you toss insecurity in. As long as all of you deny the Christ that is within you, the taste of the soup will not change.  You all have the power within your being to change the world and the only effort needed in doing so is wanting to.  The 13th tribe is strong in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia. You are rich and powerful – you have inherited the earth! Nonetheless, your strength and ability has shifted your energy, your intent and your focus, which in turn has created the instability you all fear. You are willing to spend billions on defense and destruction, when equality would cost you a thousand times less. In doing so, even natural catastrophes would begin to disappear, for they are Mother Nature manifesting her discontent towards her misbehaving children.”

“You mean to say that natural catastrophes are not natural?”

            “Only love is natural, everything else is not. The size of the catastrophe is an indication of the magnitude of the disagreements among you. Everything is a reflection of your own actions and behaviors – even mother earth. If you believe that nothing happens by chance, or by accident, then you must recognize that Mother Nature’s reactions are signs of discontent. Many of your sacred scriptures state that you are the salt of the earth, and it is true, the presence of salt does alter the flavor of your soup and it makes a difference in your environment.”

“Will the 13th tribe succeed its mission then?”

            “Success remains relative, for everything done serves a cause. We do not view anything as unsuccessful, just as lessons learned, evolutionary progress or stagnation. Any movement on earth is powered by a negative and positive energy and both create an experience. The integration of Christ on earth can be thought as an extremely positive project. In a world of relativity, deviations from the journey are to be expected. The 13th tribe began its journey and caused all that you see and touch in the world. They have created the rich and the poor, wealth and misery, happiness and grief. They begun the journey and as we have stated over and over again in these pages, every journey has an end, and this one is just about to finish.”

“What are you really saying?”

            “Antonio, earth has provided through its existence, many cycles and opportunities for Souls to come and play – evolve. Just as any other action game, the field does get damaged and it will need time for rehabilitation. The garden you call earth, is now damaged. The intensity of your play has brought her to this state; she will soon need a time to rest.”

“You frighten me with these words.”

            “Do not be afraid, just enjoy the ride. Acknowledge what has happened, what is happening and what is about to happen. If death is your concern, I believe we have already discussed what death is. Embrace the fact you are here at this point in time. It is a magnificent and enormous experience to go through. Just as I said before, all eyes in the galaxy are turned towards earth, and you have chosen to be on earth.

            Autumn is coming, things will begin to cool down, the leaves will fall and nature will soon go into a dormant state. There is always Spring after the Winter.  There is always birth after death.”

“You said that the 13th tribe was to inherit the earth and it did. Today, there are religions living by this very belief – they call themselves the ‘elected’, ‘the chosen ones’, and hand out invitations to follow the word of God, for following the word of God will save us and ultimately inherit the earth. What do you have to say about this?”

            “As I have instilled in you before, God is not a separate being from us, he is not above us and he does not have the word. Just as it is written in Revelation 22:13, [“I am the Alfa and Omega, the first and last, the beginning and the end”] God is EVERYTHING. To be able to inherit the earth, it is not the ‘word of God’ that you need to follow, but rather, learn how to live and respect the earth”.

“A misinterpretation created by religions!”

            “No. A misinterpretation created by YOU via religion!”

“I have always been against organized religion. In fact this is how I started my pursuit of the truth, as you know and what lead to you and this book.”

“Well since we are at the end of all I wanted to say for now, let’s look at how and why you are here with me sending these messages out. Would you like to hear about it Antonio, as a closing for this wonderful document you have now almost completed?”

“Do you even have to ask?!”

            “In your case, your feelings are coming to you from one of your previous lives. Certain past life experiences, tend to manifest themselves through other lives. This happens, because the Soul feels that somehow its journey of experience was not totally fulfilled. In your case, religions and governments are looked at, as a hard challenge. Both carry authority, and authority is something that you cannot stand.

            Once in medieval times, you incarnated as a rebel. You often put your nose in many dangerous issues of forbidden information. Your eyes were open, which enabled you to see the injustices carried on against the people by the King and Clergy. You often expressed your feelings, and that got you locked up quite often. Although you were never kept imprisoned for very long, you did suffer some of disciplinary treatments. You were lucky to have been a Count and to have had a father who had property. You also, had the privilege of being good friends with one of the gatekeepers, whom helped you many times by telling his superiors that you were somewhat crazy.

            You had a sister in that lifetime, although she was very feminine and sensitive, she was also a tough lady. Both your personalities went very well together. You were not rich, but you were not poor. Your father at the time was a Sire and your rebellious behavior caused the authorities to levy heavy taxes on him. Your mother’s death had a great impact upon your father, who died right after.

            One day, out of what you might call a coincidence, forbidden information came to you through a merchant from Tibet. You kept quiet and studied the information written in the manuscript with your sister, who at the time was a teacher at a monastery, and whom was well versed in scriptures.  This information reassured your beliefs and for you changed your life and values. The information you were privy to read placed you in a state of high awareness. This information made you uncomfortable because going against what was believed or taught was considered treason against the Empire and Clergy. Inevitably the information that you had this manuscript was revealed. There were great rewards for those who helped maintain the authoritarian status quo, and as would have it, the sheriff soon was on to you. You were aware that that valuable information would soon come to surface, for information was only valuable if it was in movement. When you were found out your first thought and priority was hide the manuscript.

            You were arrested, and this time the accusations against you were serious, treason to the Empire and the Clergy for holding forbidden information punishable by death. You were conflicted, you knew you could save your life by revealing where you had hidden the manuscript, but also were aware that they would torture you to get that information irregardless. You were tough, but still conflicted and of course afraid.

            Your sister found her way into jail to see you, thanks to your faithful friend the gatekeeper. Unexpected by you, the Sheriff had been watching your sister and your friend and all of you were then caught in his ambush. Your loyal friend, the gatekeeper was stabbed to death. Your sister was taken from you after you told her where you had hidden the manuscript. You left that lifetime decapitated.”

“It must’ve been an awful death?”

            “It was. You did not die because you were a bad or an insensitive man. You died unjustly. Every death is assisted by the spiritual world, they either let you go as you stand, or help you lose focus before it happens. In your case, the fact of going to die was not your primary focus of concern, thus, your mind drifted towards other things. We often use the state of panic or a blank state of mind to help you through death. When we confuse the mind, we unplug the senses.”         

“What was in this manuscript that caused me to die in this awful way?”

            “It detailed information of who you all really are. Where you all come from, what you all came here to do, and where you are all going once you leave earth. This manuscript held information from the Light.  It told about how to achieve liberation and become the free Soul you are seeking to become. It said that you are all indeed UNLIMITED, TIMELESS, EQUAL, ETERNAL and forever evolving. Although this information was new and forbidden in various continents, it was a way of life for many in Oriental countries. Many manuscripts on this matter existed, and still do today. However, they are still guarded heavily. Many secrets and much information are kept from you, whether it be about contact with extraterrestrials or religious secrets of your origin. Your leaders do not want to let go of the hold they have on you, which is inevitable once you are privy to this very information. Just accepting that life does exist beyond earth would change life as you know it. Still truths withheld eventually have repercussions, exhibited in your world as fear and insecurity, which are the two things that run your earth societies. However, the truth or some of it always surfaces and has in spurts in your world causing changes in time, people and the planet. Many individuals and groups of individuals are learning to read anew and interpret manuscripts with a different perspective. They have learned that this world is indeed a world of relativity. Christ taught this with his lessons of inclusion of all.”

“What about the manuscript, will we ever be able to discover and reveal its contents?”

            “Silly you. What do you think we have been doing all this time?”

“I thought I was being educated, and at the same time, passing information onto others. You mean to tell me, this is it?”

            “The beginning of it.”

“So, this is the mission you have been telling me all along about.”

            “Why are you so surprised?”

“I don’t know!… That was not the reason I started writing this book. I am confused… Who is going to listen to what I have to say? I’m just a butcher. Even my profession goes against high spiritual beliefs, such as Buddhism and other ways of peaceful living. Are you sure this is going to happen? Who am I to carry forth this information?”

            “You are one of those same individuals who have chosen to do so, to offer a different perspective. You have volunteered to do so.  You have chosen to finish the mission you started long ago in another lifetime. You are no different or better than the next person. You, like them carry a specific frequency and a personal vibration to bring the greater plan to completion. Yours is to tell others about the Light, while evolving towards discovering it for yourself. As for being a butcher and this going against spirituality, your words, not mine, this does not factor into your mission.  You have not killed anything and eating meat or working with it, is but a choice to experience I have already stated that everything simply is, and everything should be respected for what it is. You all have to eat in order to survive.  If you kill to feed your family, how wrong can that be? It would be like saying all carnivores are erred creations of this planet. If you kill because you find it to be an enjoyable sport, then I will let your conscience decide. Your profession as a butcher has highly contributed to who you have become as a person. People came to you for special cuts and personal service. Even the way you do numerology readings became unique thanks to them. There is nothing spiritually wrong, unless you fail to recognize it, and its experience will bring you to another level of awareness.”

“But… what do I know to keep writing?”

            “More than you remember, that is why I am here… to remind you. Tell me, how many times have you sat in front of your computer writing nothing? Then, suddenly your fingers began to punch the keys forming words and phrases?”

“Most, not to say all of the time.”

            “There you go, just keep doing the same thing, and you will keep surprising yourself everyday. As for the world outside, you do not have to worry about it. People are more receptive to information about the Light than you might allow yourself to think.

“Rubert, according to you, I did not start my mission alone, I had my sister to assist me, as I had my loyal gate-keeper friend. Tell me is my sister with me in this life?”

            “Of course she is. You all are.”

“Who is she, if I may ask?”

            “She is your faithful writing companion, and one who continues through lifetimes to love you unconditionally. The others are here to but not necessarily sharing part of this lifetime experience with you.”

“What about the gate keeper, is he around?”

            “Yes. But he is yet to be revealed. When he will, you will recognize her, not by his looks but rather for the way she will show interest in your work. She will help you accomplish the second phase of your life.”

“Why have you mixed ‘he’ with ‘she’ I’m not sure I understand.”

            “Glad you notice – just be on the look out, and remember that spirit has no sex.”

“You’re simply saying that it could be a man or woman, interesting. What about my wife, does she have anything to do with them?”

            “She is part of your past, that is a fact, but not from that specific experience. She came to you in this present life, because of karmic link to you. You are soul mates, though she is ready to help you with your mission, this is not the primary reason why you came together.

“What final advice do you have to give me?”

            “Be careful, do not let spiritual knowledge fuel your ego. Enlightenment comes out of spiritual wisdom, not spiritual knowledge. There is an old saying in oriental scriptures… ‘Knowledge must be burned, hammered and beaten like pure gold. Then, one can wear it as an ornament…’ Wisdom and knowledge was the difference between high priests and Jesus Christ.”

“How will I differentiate one from the other?”

            “You can choose to follow the simple teachings of Christ and Buddha. Most important, follow your heart. If your spiritual discovery brings you to inclusion, then you will know you are in wisdom. If, on the other hand, it brings you to exclusion and to be selective, then, you will know you are using spiritual knowledge. Religious organizations teach you spiritual knowledge, they teach and sell peace, but they deliver war. When you do things because God demands you to do them, you may feel obligated because you are afraid of what he might do to you. If you stop at a stop sign because you are afraid of getting a fine, you are missing the whole point of why you need to stop. The wise will stop because of what may happen at the intersection, whether a stop sign is present or not.  You must share your thoughts and ideas without the intention of imposing them.”

“Thank-you Rubert for all you have taught me and continue to teach me, for your time, patience and understanding. Thanks to you, I have acquired a new perspective towards my own life and the life of those who surround me. Throughout this forty-three year journey I have come into contact with many people and circumstances. Like all human beings, I have acted and reacted rashly and impulsively to both individuals and circumstances. I realize now that the impact was positive even when it was negative. You  have shown me Light”.

            “You do not need to thank me. You are already doing so by living your life in awareness and Light. I will always be here for you, for I have been for eons. Continue to be yourself. Express your oneness through Love and without the intention for profit. It is all you need to know to fully succeed in your journey. It is all anyone need know to attain true freedom and happiness.  Open your eyes and your heart, then say out loud…

I now move forward,

touching the Christ

that is within me.

As sure as I know,

the Christ within me

is reaching towards me.


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