The Code of life


We sail through life in a sea of numbers

Albert Einstein

Intuitive Numerology is the study codes – frequencies and vibrations that apply to today’s energies. All that vibrates changes, all that changes evolves. Numbers talk to us, their vocabulary expands and this is the reason that brought me to study and practice this science, which is based on a direct study of people living the experiences of the new millennium.

When we speak of codes and frequencies at the level of human existence, the concept may leave us perplexed. Is this possible? May be the first question we ask ourselves. Yet, whether it be our blood type, our DNA or anything else that is part of our physical body, all is encoded mathematically one way or another. Gratefully, our growing knowledge of mathematics has allowed us to develop the means for blood transfusions and organ transplants. But this is not all; cloning and genetics have become possible due to our continued research of mathematics that have brought about the discovery of the necessary codes to make all of the above possible. In consequence, when we realize the concrete reality of this math inside our bodies affecting our physical existence, we must allow that the concept of a vibratory code and frequency is not so strange.

I invite you through Numerology to redefine the way you see yourself and your world. It can open your eyes to different choices and opportunities and help you make the changes necessary to achieve success in every area of your life, helping you to discover your talents, strengths and the path you were born to follow.

Intuitive Numerology deals with the interpretation of vibratory codes – the frequencies of existence that allow us to discover and understand the primary intention that brought us to incarnate in this physical world of experience. To know that fire burns is simply not enough; we want to know and feel what burning is. Behind every voyage there is a plan. Behind every plan there is a man/woman. Behind every man/woman there is a consciousness. Behind that consciousness there is a desire, an intention, a mission, an aspiration to evolve.

To better understand ourselves and know that we are in the right path. Isn’t this a common desire – a frequently asked question? Numerology, an ancient and magical science of numbers and the heritage of the great mathematician Pythagoras, provide us with the possibility to satisfy that desire. Through its exploration we will access our talents, our weaknesses and strengths; our desires and compatibilities with those we love, as well as, our temperament and what the future may hold for us.

Through the simple addition of the numbers in our name and birth date, we will learn much about our nature, the path we we’re born to follow, the choices we should favor and discover the opportunities that are offered to us. We are then able to decode those around us and know what to do to find the harmony and stability we so much desire. We are all unique and we all have a vibratory code, a frequency of existence which determines who we are and what we seek to accomplish in this lifetime.

Welcome to the universe of numbers. If you have opened this page, it means you have a desire to know more about your existence – to better know yourself and understand the intention between point ‘A’ birth, and point ‘Z’ death – your journey here.

True happiness resides with self awareness…

Antonio L. Santos

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