The ‘Hard-Drives’ of Your Soul | —The Untold Story—



Invites you to a wonderful ‘Super-Evening’ of Awareness:

The ‘Hard-Drives’ of Your Soul

—The Untold Story—

Hawkesbury, Ontario | Thu. Oct. 20th | from 7:00 to 9:30pm | Doors open at 6:30pm

You came into this life with two ‘Hard-Drives’. One holding memories of past lives; the other, virgin and ready to be programed. Who’s thinking, doing and seeing what you think, do and see? Is it really you? Or a social conditioning you’ve allowed in?

António will guide you through proven technics to help you become the ‘Master of the Program’ instead of its victim | The power of Definition. The three W’s. Ho’Oponopono. The four steps Law of Attraction T.E.V.R. Introduction to the TAO. The Magic of your being and your Relationship with the ‘Form’ | Techniques that will help you tap into your ‘Optimal Program’, creating meaning, purpose and success with fulfilment…

For more information please contact: | 450-218-3014

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