(Conversations with Rubert… 2001)

Life is indeed a miracle, for all it takes is a simple act of pleasure to create it. When we really think about it, this complex body of ours, kind of created itself. All we really needed to do, is have sexual intercourse and, as you very well know, the majority of us don’t even do it to have children. Upon the act, if we don’t use any kind of contraceptive, pregnancy will take place and the fetus will take care of itself for the next nine months. Sure, the woman should take special care of herself, watch the way she eats and so on so fourth. However, we all know that some of them don’t even do that. They keep some of their old habits which may include, drinking and smoking. Yet, even this behavior is not enough to stop life from occurring, of course, there are exceptions where the baby can be affected. But we also know that a baby can have birth complications even with a mother that took extreme good care of herself. In either case, life has tremendous power, miracle power. Upon birth, this wonderful body we inhabit, gives us the privilege of feeling, smelling, hearing, tasting, loving, laughing and crying. With it we can run, we can walk or we can stop. We have feeling from head to toe and easily identify where we have been touched, and most of the times, what has touched us even though we were not looking. Do you realize every time you cut yourself the healing process begins immediately? Every time we break a bone, there’s no need for glue. Indeed, we are equipped with the most sophisticated pharmacy we will ever know. This magical body of ours is constantly healing itself, every second of the day.

Men has recently invented what we call ‘the information web’ which gives us the opportunity to communicate with each other anytime and mostly anywhere around the globe. Did you know our body is a restless machine with the most sophisticated web of information? Our cells are in constant communication with each other and very active – it automatically knows what is wrong and what should be done to resolve the problem. Did you know that every year our body is renewed? For example, you get a new liver every six to seven weeks. A new skeleton every thirteen to fourteen weeks. A new skin once every five weeks. A new stomach lining every five days. Your arms, legs even the brain cells you think with, were simply not there last year. Some of you may be thinking… ‘If that was so, how come illnesses like cancer, live on?’ A very good question, but one with a very simple answer. Our body is constantly regenerating itself, old cells are replaced by new cells, a cancer cell is simply one that refuses to be replaced, so it grows instead. Other diseases live on because the cells that replace the old ones become contaminated in the process. Why these illnesses come about, that is another issue. But let me leave you with this reflection, illnesses and diseases do not originate within the body, they originate in the mind.

I could call our physical body a very complex machine, but I will choose to call it, Magical instead. Although many theories may exist, I still think there is no rational explanation to how it really works – it just does.

When we stop and think about its creation, creating a human body could not have come anymore simpler – we don’t even have to want it. Think about it, if we were to remove every human being that has been born out of what we call accident, the population of the earth would surely decrease by more than half. What I would like to know, is how the first body came to be? Remember the traditional question; ‘…what came first, the egg or the chicken?’ Well, the question remains, but since I am writing a chapter that I call ‘The Miracle Of Life’ I sure would like to go to the bottom of this. If you crave the answers about our physical existence, like I do, I believe we are going to find very interesting facts about how all life came to exist.

Many theories have been brought about our origin. The most popular is of course… ‘We are dust and to dust we shall return.’ A theory I once believed, then as I grew up, I laughed about it for I thought it was crazy and nonsense. Today this theory may not sound so crazy after all, and it may even have a certain logic to it. I don’t know exactly how far this explanation is going to go, but I will do everything in my power to get the maximum information out. Again I will channel with Rubert and possibly other Entities on this matter. But first, there is one thing I would like to point out; don’t think that what is written bellow came to me in one day, for it did not. When you start channeling, that is if you haven’t already, you will understand that information comes to you in laps, words appear in your mind, not phrases. Sometimes it takes a while to really put everything together, but like everything else, the more we practice the better we shall become.

Channeling is something that is unknown to many of us. Living in a world of illusion and confusion, like we do, only empowers this fact even more. Although unknown to many of us, the ability to channel is indeed more than a ability – it is a gift. Consciously, or unconsciously it is never absent. Let me give you an example, think of yourself as a radio receiver. In order to function, you have to be tuned to some frequency. Whether in business, family, sports, meetings, or personal life, you are tuning yourself to a specific frequency. What do you think you are doing when you reflect? Precisely – you are searching for information, but where are you searching for that information? Of course most of us will automatically think we are searching within our brain, and it does feel that way. The same applies to a radio receiver, which reminds me of stories I heard when I was a child. Stories about peasants who were convinced that someone very small was talking inside that box which they called radio. I also remember, this I personally witnessed, my late great grand mother sitting with us in front of the television set to watch the 6 o’clock news. Just before turning on the television, she covered her legs carefully and made sure she looked and dressed appropriately to watch the man speak. She did not want to be seen by the news man dirty or bad dressed.

I know some of you will laugh at this, and to tell you the truth, it is a laughing matter. Ignorance keeps us from knowing something, when we ignore, we simply don’t know. Back then television sets, especially in my great grand mom’s time, were just beginning to appear. Today we all know that no one is inside the television set, and no miniature man is hiding inside the radio. However, do we know how to ascend the information that is traveling through in waves right above our heads? Perhaps not. When we dream, may it be, day dream or night dreaming, there is activity in our brain, but the information is coming from elsewhere, and that elsewhere is the universe. Today in this time and age, the power to channel is as much part of us, as our head and toes. But unfortunately it is not taught in our schools, so we have to learn it from other sources, and that can be quite a challenge some times.

Now, let’s see what my faithful friend has to tell us about the physical, this miracle of life that surrounds us all.

“Rubert, since we are talking about this miracle which is ‘Life’ I would like to go deeper in this study. After all, it does promise to be very exciting and fulfilling, who wouldn’t like to know about the physical aspect of our existence? Our body, our planet, our surroundings and our universe as well. Do you have this information? If yes, could you pass it on to us?”

            “Yes, I do have this information and I will pass it on to you with great pleasure. Back home we all have access to visualizations of remote pasts, which by the way, some of us were part of.  Just like on earth, we also get in groups to learn about many, many issues, and my favorites – universes. I like to be near the ancient ones, those who were part of the development of this firmament. I learn from them, something I have to do if I want to teach. Since this is going to be the work of two, you let me know how and where you want to start.”

“When you say ancients ones, what do you mean exactly?”

            “They are teachers by example and experience. They are ancient because they have existed for eons and eons. They can teach out of experience and wisdom, and most of all, they have participated to the realization of what is. If you are a good listener and attentive student, you can profit a great deal from their teachings and their wisdom.”

“What form do they have?… How do they present themselves?”

            “Form? They don’t have form, they are Light, they are Spirit – they are a collective consciousness working towards creation. How they present themselves that varies from one to another. In the spiritual realms we change looks quite often, but unlike you on earth, we are always recognizable. We recognize each other by our specific light colors and energy. We don’t have to look to know who came in to join us – we just know. There is no need to hide anything from each other, for no one has anything to hide. Yes, sometimes they like to show themselves in human form – when they do, they either show themselves with big Long beards along with long hair or totally hairless. In either case, a long robe is something they seem to enjoy most. As for height, considering the fact that they all had a somewhat different course of evolution, it varies from one to another. You can think of it as one’s history, and that is why we adopt some of the traits that most marked us. Weight, there is no such thing, light is weightless, as you already know. But it is important to note, that all my descriptions are illusion for they are nothing of that.”

“How I wish to be there and meet them!”

            “You have been, and you shall return.”

“Is it possible to do it while in a physical state of existence?”

            “Yes! But only through astral voyage, cosmic traveling.”

“Can we do it?”


“Are you serious, we will do it?”

            “As soon as you are ready, you’ll see, it is not hard. Now, would you like to begin your questions?”

“I don’t even know where to start. First you said something that made me stop and reflect. Did I hear you say, Universes? You mean to tell me there is more than one universe?”

            “Indeed there is, just like there are more inhabited planets than there is people on earth. I have told you before – you are bigger than you can possibly imagine.”

“And I am beginning to believe that I am. Here in Canada, because of our geographic position, we have the privilege to see skies full of stars at night. Often times there are so many that to me they are breathtaking. It does not take much for me to mind travel in the face of such beauty. When I look up to the sky and see all those planets and stars and then think that there are people that still believe that we are the only life in this universe, it sounds kind of selfish and narrow minded. There must be more out there than my eyes can see.”

             “Indeed there is. And you are right, thinking that you are the only ones alive, it is kind of selfish, but understandable. António, for your information, there are more planets than there is grains of sand along your beaches – that is a fact. Now imagine taking a walk along one of your beaches, lean down, pick up one grain of that sand and say, ‘you are the only one that is alive.’ Yes, you are right, it is selfish to think that way, but also understand that it is ignorance that makes people think and act the way they do. Some of them only believe in what their eyes can see, others are afraid to be accused of too much imagination. Whatever the case may be, it is in everyone’s interest to explore possible existence and brotherhood elsewhere in your universe.”

“You say it like it is necessary. Why is it in our interest to know that?”

            “I can’t answer that question with a phrase, for without proper explanation, I would probably scare you. But I guarantee you that by the end of this book, everything will be clear as crystal for you and all those who will read it.”

“Here we go again, every time I talk to you about a certain issue with a direction in mind, it always ends up to be bigger and further than I imagined…”

            “Isn’t that great? I mean, how many of you get more than you bargain for these days?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I am really excited when it happens – and privileged. You talk about life elsewhere in the universe and today you have gone as far as tell me there are more than one universe. All is good and actually very interesting, but no concrete proof exists to back up what you are saying. And this is where all debates on these issues begin.”

            “We have talked about your needs concerning proofs. You have become so obsessed with proving that you miss out on very important facts that could lead you to higher awareness. However, this proof you are talking about does exist, but as one should suspect, also hidden behind well closed doors. Showing theses proofs to the people of the earth, would, not only contradict many social beliefs, but redirect one’s personal hope. Your governments as well as religious orders are working effortlessly at having you believe that this is all there is, as well as this is the only life you will experience. It is part of their ways of control. Very narrow minded, like you said.”

“That is true, and I also agree with you on the hiding part. Many of us are convinced that it is so, and as you know, space and the universe has become a passion for many. Today, there are television programs along with various forms of writings, books, magazines and newspapers. But even this has its way to lose credibility. Opportunists always find ways to turn everything into fiction and actually blow it all out of proportion…”

            “António you need to understand and accept that truth has always been and will always be resisted to in this realm. It is for this very reason that the earth is a karmic system, but I assure you, such is not the case with all universes. There are systems where everything exists independently from everything else. Contrary to the earth, there is no need to take a life in order to feed. On earth, everything is interrelated, interconnected and interlocked.”

“How wonderful it must be, no need to fight or struggle to survive. However, that is not the experience I am presently living, and before I even dare talk about universes, I am going to ask you about the earth. First, how did it come to exist and for what purpose?”

            “Earth, the green and blue planet. Even from the spiritual realms, it is so beautiful to look at. If your eyes could see how everything moves in it with life. How everything is interrelated and in perfect harmony, it simply is a master piece of a higher order.”

“A master piece of a higher order and interrelated, perhaps. Harmony, unless my eyes are tuned to some different view, we are far from living harmony.”

            “I know what you mean, but that is not the harmony I was talking about. The equanimity in which everything is interconnected, that is what I am talking about. Take your physical body for instance. You need oxygen, there are plants on earth to produce it. You need water to kill your thirst, there is water constantly running and purifying it self through sand and rocks. You need food, a vast selection is offered to you. Anything you need can be found in your planet. The fruits and plants that serve you as food for your stomach and oxygen for your lungs, also find everything they need to be what they were meant to be. Yes, the harmony is perfect.”

“Perhaps, but you have to admit that some earth locations do not offer all that you have mentioned. It is very hard to grow crops in the desert. Do you still call this harmony?”

            “First, there is what we call the basic harmony, it simply is the way earth has been assembled. Then, we have the harmony man, in the physical form, has to understand and adopt. You are already doing it and you call it, trading. While one continent may be rich in rice, another may be rich in corn. Yes, it is hard to grow crops in the desert, but it holds other commodities which can be traded. The problems you are experiencing at this moment that are causing disharmony, are due to equity. 

            To answer you initial question, earth, contrary to what is understood in the written pages of some manuscripts, took more than six days to build. Of course, when those manuscripts were written, some of the writers did not exactly understand what they were writing about. And yes, first day, second day, all the way to seventh day, has a symbolic meaning and not necessarily a twenty four hour length of earth time.

            The earth and galaxy you know today, is the fruit of billions of years of work and preparation. As I said before, there are many inhabited planets, and they all came to being out of a higher and collective consciousness. IT had to be, the physical aspect of existence is very important to the Source.

            This galaxy, as well as others, had to be shaped and reshaped many times, before coming to the form known today. The earth is at the origin of various collisions in its galaxy. If I was to give you a simple example to how this came about, I would use a billiard game to describe it. Imagine you keep hitting the billiard balls with the respective club until they take the form and line up that you desire. This collective consciousness, we spoke about earlier, are working hand in hand with The Gardeners of the Universe, whose mission is to start and shape new worlds for souls to incarnate, experience and evolve.”

“Rubert, could you, for those who may not have read the first book, explain who the Gardeners are, and what they do?”

            “The Gardeners of the Universe are a collective consciousness that exist without boundaries. They are physical and Spiritual, but, they are neither born, nor do they die the same way you do. They are the creators of the physical and now protectors of the same. They do exactly what their title says, gardening. They work directly with the Source and are the keepers of Free Will.”

“One other thing I would like to clear out, the Source you have been mentioning, is That what I think it is?”

            “What do you think it is?”

“The one we named God?”

            “Yes, that is the title you, on earth, have chosen to call IT.”

“Is it all right to call It that, I get a feeling that it is not.”

            “You feel wrong, for you can call IT whatever you desire. However, I would suggest you stick with Divine Source. There are well over two thousand deities in recent human history, calling by names may attract energies you might not want to experience. As this book progresses we will discuss the issue of the gods. May it be Allah, Jehovah, Manitou, Krishna, Yahweh, The Great This or the Great That, I assure you, there is a story behind every deity.”

“But He must have a name, doesn’t It?”

            “António, do you really think IT must?”

“If It is everything, as you said, I would say not!”

            “Precisely! One more thing before we continue, if you ever want to understand the Divine Source, begin understanding yourself. I know this sentence is over said, but it needs to be. You may only ascend to other levels, once you really understand who you really are – your divine essence.

            Let us get back to our subject, shall we. Once the galaxy came to the desired position, shaping it to receive life was to begin. Unlike billiard balls, everything was on fire after the impact, and the first part of the job, was to leave it all alone. And alone it stayed for millions of light years. Although left alone, it was always under surveillance.”

“How did it come to move and finally collide with each other?”

“Instead of a billiard club, they had used lasers, this, from what you call, spaceships.”

“Do you mean to tell me they have such powers as to move a planet from one orbit to another?”

            “To tell you in words that you may understand, your technology today may be qualified as primitive, when compared with theirs. No offense, for you are doing a fairly good job at this moment. Not necessarily using it right, but you are making substantial progress.”

“If I understand you well, they can bring an end to all life on earth, or even reshape it to become something else, am I correct?”

            “That is correct. And, for your information, they have done it many times before. They are responsible for their gardens, and that includes watching them very closely. When something becomes too dangerous or totally out of line, they have to shift it.”

“Doesn’t that go against the Free Will you often talk about?”

            “Free Will means you are able to do anything you want, anytime you want. But, as you already know, you are living in a world of cause and effect, therefore responsible for every one of your acts. You may become stray in the physical form, but never in spiritual. Free Will is something that is very precious to the Soul – It knows when to give up and let go. When crucial shifts were executed, the Gardeners knew they could never hurt the Soul. It was as saying; “Go home, do some more study and then come back.” Even the passage from the physical to the spiritual, was done with mutual agreement. Where many Spirit Guides were placed waiting to guide them back home. These were young souls and easily confused, what you may call failure, is not perceived that way on the other side. If large groups of humans had to be terminated once in a while, it was simply to change or alter their evolution, and not because they were classified as bad. How can you be bad, when you don’t even know the word? We don’t classify anything you do. We don’t judge anything with emotion, we simply assist a greater cause. We, meaning all of us including you, are all part of a collective consciousness with the same goal in mind. That goal is, acquire Unconditional Love through wisdom. To succeed, we need to experience all the facts. Remember this, what you call horrible on earth, may be uplifting for your Soul. Your Soul is not in your physical body. You can think of It as being behind the stirring wheel and able to cut the ignition anytime It sees fit. There is only so much your physical body can endure, because your Soul is the one driving the senses. Like I have told you before, nothing is the way it seems, so be careful the way you perceive it.”

“Maybe so, but how do you explain this. You often say the Soul is the one who’s in control, the one that matters and the one who has the last word. How do you explain the setbacks? If the Soul knows everything, it should be able to direct the body away from stagnant experiences, this in my opinion.”

            “The Soul is in control yes, but when tied to a physical body, that control is somewhat limited. First, it all depends on how experienced the Soul is, the more experience it has, the better it can guide the physical body. Also, because of such experience, it will better chose its parents, better plan its vibrational code of frequency and experiences. Ultimately, it will better choose its body. Still, there are no guarantees that all will work according to plan. Imagine for a moment that you have a ford pinto for a car. In order to go places, this is the car you must drive. Inside of it, everything is limited. Although you are an experienced driver, your driving here is quite restrain. Your chosen physical body, whether healthy or handicapped, is chosen to serve an experience. If you had total control of the experience you wanted to live, what would the achievement be. This is why we all have our so called challenges to deal with upon incarnation – we simply need to overcome them.”

“What do you mean by challenges?”

            “The ones you encounter everyday, but also the ones you need to overcome. Later, when we explore the ‘Frequency Codes’ known as Numerology, we will go more in depth with the challenges, for now let’s return to our subject.    

            In time the intensity of the burning gases started to diminish. But it wasn’t until much later that the Gardeners were able to land on the higher levels of this new planet, which can be thought of as mountains. There, they took various samples of matter. Obviously nothing was the way as you know it today. Volcanoes and earthquakes were extremely active, giving origin to massive explosions and gigantic splits in the ground. In short, you could say this planet was alive and kicking.

            Once all this activity calmed down, and most of the explosions had turned into steam. The planet earth was finally taking the desired shape for what was to be the next level. The liquids started to settle down, the waves in the oceans were no longer gigantic and had changed color. If you were to look at it from above, you could see the blend of energies taking place. From the distance, the Gardeners took samples of radiation from the earth’s atmosphere. As it progressed, surveillance became more common. Although the water could not yet sustain any kind of life, various spots on the ground, were now being marked to bring in the first life. From what you call lakes to the chosen spots, there was a great distance composed of sand. The analysis done by the Gardeners showed, that toxic waters running through the sand, were being filtered and able to receive the first life. Every planet that has received life, began with vegetation first, in the form of huge colossal plants. Understand that various attempts were done before the first plant was able to survive. Nothing new to the Gardeners, for they never expected instant success. Slowly and strategically, they’ve increased the plants. Much of the clouds, which were composed of toxic gases were now changing color and slowly gathering the elements to create a livable atmosphere. It took a while before the clouds were able to produce rain. Now that most of the plants were in position, it was time to wait. Plantation worked as filters, and eventually even the water started to change. Note that once the process starts, it increases in speed. By now, samples of water indicated that it was able to receive life and it was drinkable, not to humans of course, but to larger and greater animals. Animals which are known today as the Dino-era. They were to serve as ‘the second filter’ to the earth. They were obviously vegetarians, and spent the whole day eating. What they were doing really, was recycling everything in their way. The manure they were producing enriched the soil which enable smaller plants to coexist. The more life the earth could sustain, the faster the top soil started to built up. Once all this in place, it was time for the flying creatures. They were to serve as carriers of life, this through seeding. Once the vegetarian population was large and secure, it was time for the carnivores and scavengers to be delivered. After all, someone had to keep the place clean.”

“What do you mean, keep the place clean?”

            “Carnivores are very important to the balance of the food chain and scavengers keep the earth clean by feasting on the dead.”

“I see. If I follow what you are saying correctly, every time I touch topsoil, I am touching death and body waste. Isn’t?”

            “Precisely! This should prove to you that death is crucial to life. There is no death without life. And there is no life without death – earth is an interconnected system. You have to respect and understand both, life and death. Whether you eat a steak or a broccoli, keep in mind and accept the fact that it was once alive.

            What was a scary and red planet, began to shape into green and blue. The oceans started to settle in, and vegetation abundant. The gardeners looked at it, and saw it was good. They had used the Divine Source again, in a very productive way. Soon they were able to walk on the face of the earth, and that was a sublime feeling for the Gardeners. Their crew was composed of many different beings along with what you call different positions. Scientists, biologists, geneticists, astrologers and others that are not yet existent on earth.”

“Vegetation, as far as I understand, is significant to our existence. We often talk about its importance, but it actually goes beyond important, it is crucial.”

            “It is a good point, vegetation is indeed something you MUST protect, for your physical well being depends on it. Most of you know it, and even your leaders are aware, however, at this moment you are all taking it for granted. It does not seem to be a priority for you yet, even though the earth, by the change in its climate, is telling you how important it is. Have you noticed lately how often you talk about the climate? How you complain about serious droughts in some areas and major floods in others? If I was to give you advice, I would say take these warnings very seriously, for you have done more damage in the past seventy years, than in all previous years.”

“Rubert, I guess we are doing an extremely good job at destroying the earth, and this can not be good.”

            “Absolutely not. This is where you and your society are wrong man cannot destroy the earth, I guarantee you. The earth will live on and on, so will Mother Nature. The one who is at risk here, if I can use the term, is men and most of the animal life. Everything you are doing, you are doing it to yourselves, you must wake up and realize that. You, who are always looking for proofs, how much more do you need?”

“I was convinced and sure that we were destroying the earth, and actually upset about the way man is conducting himself.”

            “You should be, for that is nothing to cheer about. However, do you actually believe the Divine Source would allow such thing to happen, as to destroy the earth? Do you think or imagine for a moment that this magnificent creation would be left to chance among ignorance? Come on António, you should know better than that – too much work, effort and sacrifice has been put into this sublime creation for it to be left unattended. What is happening on earth right now, does not come as a surprise to the Gardeners or the Source, it was expected.”

“You mean to tell me that all these nuclear bombs men are building, will not destroy the earth? I don’t know if you know but these are very powerful devices.”

            “Indeed they are, but let me ask you this question; in case of a nuclear attack, what are the proper measures you need to take? I will give you a hint, many cities in North America and Europe have already implanted such measures.”

“I know, the subway system. According to the experts, this would be the appropriate place to evacuate to. Several of them are already equipped with food supplies in case of such event. What do you meant to say by this?”

            “If the subway is the only shelter against a possible nuclear attack, it is because radiation does not penetrate the soil, therefor, you will never be able to destroy the planet earth.”

“You have to admit that some of these bombs are able to destroy entire cites, aren’t they?”

            “Indeed, but just like you said, entire cites, not the ground below them. Yes, you can go on poking holes here and there, but that is all the Divine will allow you to do. Let me ask you one question, when did men invent the first machine?”

“I’m not sure, but I would say, in the eighteen hundreds AD.”

            “Good. Now tell me, how old is the earth?”

“I don’t know for sure, but I would say billions of years old. This according to our archeologists and scientists.”

            “And they are correct. Now let me ask you this; do you actually believe that man only woke up in the eighteen hundreds AD? Prior to this, nothing much had happened on earth? If so, you need to expand your mind a little further António. Many civilizations have existed before you, and many will exist after you, it’s just the way it is. The earth as well as other similar planets work and serve as cycles of evolution. Yesterday was one thing, today it is another and tomorrow will be another. None of the experiences are exactly the same, nothing is exactly the same, not even the fingers you have in your hands. They are similar, but not the same.

            There has been many civilizations on earth before you, civilizations that came in on a quest for Light. As they did so, they put themselves through various tests and challenges to see how well they would do in the physical state. Needless to mention, but some of them did have a hard time. Just like today, every civilization then came to the same conclusion you are experiencing today – power and control is indeed appetizing in the physical form – a gift in this realm, but also one that needs to be dealt with. First, you tend to use power and control over others, (the ego is born), it makes you feel good, important and respected so you think. But as you grow in wisdom, you begin to understand that in reality, this power and control is meant to be used on yourself, not on others. When you do, you will experience real power and control, (the ego is dead).”

“Do you think we are going to make it through this? Are we ever going to wake up to this reality?”

            “At the present time, most of your leaders are talking about solidarity and union. They have founded the United Nations to bring Nations together in peace, harmony and economic prosperity. In other words, equality and prosperity to all human race. Have you seen how far apart you are? Have you noticed the wars that are still going on today, may it be with bombs, planes, terrorism, or the most active and dangerous one, psychological war. There may be a bloody war going on in the Middle East but there is another taking place in New York, Los Angels, Paris, London, Montreal and all others. Just as I said earlier, you enter physical form fighting to survive. These wars are very present and hitting many of you. Governments are losing their power to reason with people. Laws are no longer obeyed by reason, but by force, yet, not too long ago you complained about such measures. Sure, you can go on accusing your governments and leaders, but before you do so, take a good look at yourself. The truth is, when you do accept that the present situation is the direct fruit of all your acts and behaviors, then, the healing process shall begin.”

“Our acts and behaviors? I’m afraid I don’t see what you mean.”

            “Yet, it is quite simple. The reason why your world and society came to the state you’re in, it is because of the absence of honesty, sincerity and responsibility. A part of you became selfish, resentful and focus on saving your own butt. Another part, demands more and more benefits from governments and society, never asking themselves who is going to pay. Then, you have the reckless, those who don’t care if they hurt their fellow man, animal, or planet. A tree may look very good when it is standing, but much more profitable for their wallet when cut down. Then, the higher the price of its wood, the richer you think you will become. In order to be rich, someone has to be poor. How would you know that you are rich if there was no poor. Do you see? You have to create POOR so that you can become powerful and rich. Since every action creates an opposite and equal reaction, when you create the poor, you also create thieves, robbers and unhappiness. Which in turn will create, for you and your loved ones, the fear and insecurity you dread. Now that you are afraid of being assaulted, or robbed, or molested, or anything else of that nature, you will reinforce your protection with sophisticated alarm systems, private detectives, personal body guards and police. For this kind of protection, you need more money, and to get more money you may have to sacrifice more of the human values. As you can see, it is very easy to enter the vicious circle of illusion.  Every experience is a good experience, but learn to move on and out of every experience. It is quite healthy and uplifting for the body, mind and spirit. After all, what you are all looking for on this physical realm, is the ever lasting unconditional Love. And you will not find permanent satisfaction, until you do.

            To answer your question, yes, you are all going to make it through. When and how, it is up to you. The earth was meant to bring you the opportunity to experience everything in a relative world of emotion. All experiences are good and necessary to your evolution, what is not necessary is the suffering and premature death by getting stuck to one of the chosen experiences. An experience can be thought of, as a chapter in ones life, but you must learn to turn the page and move on to the next chapter. Life is composed of many chapters, getting stuck in one will delay the others. As for the earth, don’t you worry, for the earth is also in movement and forever evolving. Through the emotional human eyes, it does appear that you are destroying the earth. You are cutting down, not trees, but forests. But let me tell you this, suppose we remove all humans from the face of the earth, I did say humans, not the other animals. Then, we let the earth rest for a thousand years. What do you think will happen to what you call Mother Nature?”

“Mother nature without men, it is like a body without cancer. I believe the earth would regenerate itself.”

            “Absolutely! One thousand years would be plenty of time for the trees, as well as other plants, to go through asphalt and cement structures. One thousand years is all it takes to bring back most of the vegetation you have destroyed. Even heavy polluted lakes would purify themselves. How? – VEGETATION! As you can see, the earth is not in danger – you are!”

“Can we do anything to prevent it from happening?”

            “Of course you could. But to do so, you need to master the three Ws. Acknowledge, Who you are, What you are and Where you are going from here. Once this knowledge is forged into your heart, limitations such as fear and insecurity will disappear. Once all these limitations are out of your way, the path to respect and responsibility will be clear to you. Clarity is good, it has you do the right things for the right reasons, such as to preserve life in your planet. Simple, is it not?”

“Perhaps for you it is, but from where I am standing it seems farfetched, we human beings are always in conflict.”

            “Rational and logical thinking is what brings you to conflict. Your vulnerable human side has accepted and wants to take shelter within the present system. Your higher-self understands that and knows that it is that lower vibration that feeds the Soul with genuine experience.”

“You confuse me at times, it is as though you are telling me that everything is totally all right, yet, you also tell me that it is not.”

            “Let me put it to you this way, we all have to take care of the human race. As a soul, you came here to experience, however, while you are here you also want to preserve the physical aspect of this planet, including the human race. Yes, it is in danger, and yes we all wish to preserve it. Please understand that when you and I communicate, we do it at various levels, some times from the physical standpoint, others from the soul’s perspective. I tell you what you came here to do, what is happening and what you expect to gain in return. I don’t take sides on anything you do, but when you ask me a question I give you an answer. I do throw in some suggestions, I could go as far as suggest that peace is better than war, something you already know but might do nothing about it. I am not here to confuse you, I’m just here speaking about choices. I will never be able to take you away from an experience – that is the primary reason why you came. However, if I talk about it you may learn how to turn the page faster on the experience and make way for the next.”

We all come from simplicity, into complexity and back to simplicity. No, there is nothing wrong with this sequence, it simply is the formula we have chosen to attain enlightenment here on earth. We all, as Souls, have the theory of how everything works, but we all need our share of the experience. How many times have your parents told you not to do or go to a specific something, because it might be dangerous for you? You were told and warned, yet, that is exactly what you want to do. And why is that? Because you want to do the experience, pure and simple. Sure, our parents want the best for us, I don’t think anyone of us doubts that. But if they know things by experience, it’s only normal for us to want to do the same. I could never imagine myself to be forty years of age and know that fire burns, just because my parents told me so. Perhaps this is what we are missing by over protect our children. Just the other day on my way back home from work I witness something that made me think for a while. Here in Canada, we have a transportation system that is designed to bring our children to and back from school. We call it, the yellow buses. When one of these buses stops to let one of our kids in or out, a stop sign just stretches out from the left side of the bus and the blinking red lights go on. When this happens, we know we must stop and remain still until the driver turns them both off. Failure to do so will get us in real trouble. The intentions are good, but in my opinion the system should be questioned. Just as I was saying, on my way back home that afternoon, I got stuck behind one of them. To my surprise, the kids who were getting out of that bus were well over fifteen years of age, and I had to wait for every each one of them to cross the street. I don’t mean to be rude, but aren’t we going a little too far with this protection? If we constantly spoon feed our children, we are probably robbing them from experiencing the feeling of a spoon.

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