The Pythagorean Heritage

Darkness of a moment is but a temporary absence of Light. Eternal darkness does not exist!

Antonio L. Santos


Welcome to self discovery…

Fascinated by numbers, I must confess that during my years in school I was a complete failure when it came to the subject of math. I wonder what my teachers would be thinking today if they saw how numbers play such a huge role in my life. My poor teachers often lost patience with me.

Everything in the physical world of shape is constantly changing and is in constant movement. Whether it be a simple grain of sand or an entire planet, everything moves. Our researchers and our scientists have arrived at the conclusion that effectively, there is activity inside everything in existence on this planet and if there is movement then energy is responsible for this activity. After having studied ‘quantum physics’ with the respected and renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra, I arrived at the conclusion that the earth was encoded. Whether it were a tomato, an insect, or a human being, all has a frequency code, a subsistence vibration that differentiates one from the other.

In approximately 550 BC, the great Greek mathematician Pythagoras, considered the founding father in modern numerology, came to the conclusion that numbers were the essence of everything that existed. Using a mystical number association, Pythagoras realized that the human soul was immortal and traveled through time. Within this mathematical philosophy, Pythagoras took on a mystical-religious attitude based on the belief that the soul transmigrated using a discipline of life unifying the body and the mental to achieve spiritual perfection.

Knowing our numbers would be likened to having a geographical map of our life. However, geographical maps simply serve to show us direction but will not do the traveling for us. There will certainly be road choices to make as well as obstacles and unforeseen occurrences but it is up to us, the drivers, to understand, analyze and make the necessary adjustments to succeed in our voyage.

The numbers that make up our code, our personal vibration, indicate our strengths and aptitudes as well as our weaknesses and areas of difficulty. Knowing what we are and what we have at our disposal in terms of ‘tools’ as working aids can certainly help us to understand and find the adequate solutions that are appropriate for the problems and challenges in our life. Intuitive Numerology indicates our choices in life, the game we decided to play, but offers absolutely no guarantees. It is up to us to do the necessary work to accomplish and realize our destiny.

When I started reading and interpret my Numerology chart, I discovered my real talents and abilities and in consequence, the career that suited me best. Remember, the best way to make money in this world is to work at what we love, and then it is a simple matter of selling this love. This is not all. Personally, the fact that I had discovered the key my motivation within certain behavior patterns, as well as of those surrounding me, helped not only my marriage but also my friendships. I started to better understand myself and in consequence, I understood others instead of passing judgments and condemning them.

Everything that vibrates is activated by a positive and negative charged energy. It could not be any other way. This could be likened to a light bulb which needs both the negative and positive charge to function. However, it is necessary that both energy charges be calibrated or a malfunction would then occur. Understanding these two opposing forces will help us synchronize our lives and in consequence, our destiny. Let’s be clear here, it is much easier to solve a problem when we can fully identify it. For example, I was an extremely impulsive man, impatient and at times verbally abusive. I was not happy with myself because I only realized the harmful things I had said and done after the fact. I was living in a constant state of frustration and often found myself asking forgiveness of those I had hurt, including my wife who I dearly love. My impulsive nature is clearly indicated in my numerology chart and, once I identified and understood the cause, I was able to start to use this impulsive character to my benefit instead of being a victim to it as well as victimizing others around me. We all have something we would like to change and understand in our lives but to accomplish this we must first identify it. This is the reason behind this book. It is to help you better understand yourself and what surrounds you.

We live in an age where, at different levels, a vast quantity of information is available to us. All areas of knowing is expanding and growing due to an indepth understanding of numbers. Today, we can use numerology to better understand and improve our mental state, our emotions, our relationships and our life circumstances. Whether it be an outing to the supermarket, the doctors or renovating our house, numbers are always present in our lives and that’s why Albert Einstein told us that we “we travel through life in a sea of numbers”. Understanding the signification of these numbers can bring order and a perspective to our lives instead of hazards and bad luck without excluding a possible chaotic moment or event. An in-depth understanding of the cycles of our lives can help us become masters of said and not victims.

“…how is it possible that numbers would be able to tell me of my mission here on earth?”

This is perhaps the most frequent asked question. In Intuitive Numerology your numbers are personal and unique to you. Through them you will not only have access to the mission you came here to accomplish, but your karma links and situations that need to be resolved in order to achieve spiritual development and completion. First, it is important for us to accept that we are all connected and part of the universe. We have an impact on the universe as it as an impact on us. Most of us have heard talk of how the moon and planets affects everything that lives on earth. To confirm this, you need only question a pregnant woman.

Your day of birth is identified by a date on our calendar and like everything else in our galaxy it is in constant movement. Different frequency codes are created by this movement. For those that are born on this planet, with our first breath we receive a frequency code, a vibration that allows us to understand and accomplish our predestined mission. Consider the universe as an immense radio and we are the different radio stations, even if everything belongs to the same body, the whole of it plays different notes.

Whether we accept it or not, we are living intentions of our soul and not necessarily the whims of ego nor the desires of our physical bodies. The body without a soul could never realize all the wonders that we have seen, lived and experienced throughout time. The fact of knowing our soul’s intentions and objectives will, without doubt guide us towards an easier life that can be peaceful, serene and harmonious, avoiding conflict and resistance.

After studying many different Numerology methods, I put my learning to the test with the people I have met over the years. Having been a supermarket manager over 24 years enormously favored my research. I must admit, it has been the people, before anything else, that have helped me arrive where I am today within this science in numerology combining analysis, study, questions and especially observation. In addition, having had the privilege to live in Montreal gave me the opportunity to research and interact with other cultures and races and hence to better understand the possible differences created by their beliefs and their roots. For example, a North American Destiny 8 and a South African Destiny 8 use their power and determination differently. Other pertinent information that is very important to take into consideration is also age, the generation of the person and the geographical location of the individual. A farmer and a stock broker with both a Destiny 8 would use this energy very differently. Whether their desire to succeed is present in either both cases, a Destiny 8 from the country and a Destiny 8 from the city will have different interests and values that may run parallel but different. Another example of a frequent occurrence in my readings would be the eighty year old woman living a Destiny 1 that has never really worked outside the home. How was she ever able to experiment or express her sense of leadership, creativity or independence? Be very prudent in your analysis of a similar case such as described for, the scenario I have discovered in most cases is, the woman has had many children and has effectively applied her leadership, her creativity and has asserted her independence from within the responsibilities of her home in managing and directing a considerably large family. In fact, she experienced the effects of her qualities. I also understood that there were variations and the primary numbers altered with the presence of other numbers that I classify as minor or composite. For example, let’s imagine using this analogy that Destiny is like a gallon of white paint to which we add numerous drops from various other different paint colors. Although the base remains the same, its color has changed to become unique in itself. Throughout my many years as Intuitive Numerologist, I have never found two identical codes, there’s always a number, a letter or emplacement that gives us a unique identity.

The time has come for us to stop tuning separate instruments and, together, create a symphony.

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