Wayne Dyer an 11 Destiny-Lifepath



“I live my visions and realize my dreams!”

Destiny 11 produces people who are sensitive, present and tuned to the feelings of others. This vibration denotes individuals who are courageous and intelligent – the great visionaries of our society seeking human progress. This destiny reveals a spirituality that is open and inclusive, different from the spirituality of 7 which can be serious, demanding and often times intolerant.

You are the worlds greatest dreamers – visionaries through time – the windows that give us access to new ideas and alternatives for a better life. This is without a doubt appreciated as long as you act upon them. If all your dreams and visions stay in a world where only you have access, they will not serve us in any way.

11 is a double vibration, it denotes a level of high intellectual power, although nothing keeps you from being good with your hands, your real potential remains your head – intellectualized. This faculty can be used for the good of humanity but in the negative it can also be used for organized crime. Be prudent. Life experiences are nothing but memories we collect through time. What memories do you want to collect? When used positively, you touch the highest cosmic vibration, in order to do so, much personal work needs to be done to achieve this, hence, begin today.

Your understanding and knowledge is indeed extraordinary, which can make you someone who knows everything. Try not to let that bother you, for that is exactly what you have chosen to do and share with us in this life time – to teach us alternative ideas followed by a sane way to evolve in light, harmony and acceptance. Remain present and realistic and avoid fantasies. This frequency of existence also gives you the ability to change faces, to separate your home problems from the office and vice versa. Since there is always two sides to everything, you may use this ability to get off from a less honest situation and/or circumstance you have created or entered. Try to use this faculty positively and truthfully, remember, the truth will always surface.

This destiny offers an extraordinary power of perception – an intuition that is strong and remarkable – well above the average. Accept that you perceive things that others don’t. This is the reason why your destiny is a master number vibration much is expected from you, not only to serve your soul’s purpose, but to share with us as well.

When Negative: You receive an energy that is double and abundant creating in you nervous tension. If you are active and dynamic you’ll serve your destiny well and will experience a life that is pleasant, productive and healthy. If instead you decide to draw back and choose an easier path, (1+1)=2, then you will experience physical and/or psychological problems. Yours is a master number destiny, remember, much is expected from you. 11s as well as 22s, the two master numbers, could retreat into a simple vibration, 2 and 4. At first it seems to be more comfortable, however, you will soon discover that that comfort is nothing but temporary.

Profession: Although more intellectual than physical, you can also excel manually, especially if your other numbers promote it. This is indeed a very diplomatic vibration and one that loves people. Professions such as, psychology, philosophy, law, politics, doctor… anything that has to do with people and deep thinking, including business and leadership fits you perfectly. Bill Clinton remains a good example of the potential of this vibration. Choose an occupation that is based on passion and dance with it.

Finances: To fully realize your financial potential you must recognize your need to take action and materialize the wonderful dreams and visions you receive. Faculties you have inherited from previous lives and are here to share them with us. Whether it is a house, a project, a computer… all begins with a thought, a dream, a vision. Expose them, and materialize what inspires you. Only then can you attain the financial success you desire and deserve.

Relationships: Just as 2s, relationships are also crucial to 11s. Your world would simply be incomplete without them. Recognize that due to the intensity of your energy, you need stimulation and activities, perhaps it would be appropriate for you to choose someone who is also dynamic, energetic and spontaneous, otherwise you may find yourself living what we call a double life. Needless to say, but this can very well bring you all kinds of complications and adversities.

Health: Due to the double energy you receive, you need to pay close attention to your health. Start by learning how to control the way you feel. You can be very sensitive, or worse, you can hide it inside. The formula here is simple; if you feel good then all is good. Keep active, remember, all that energy needs to be evacuated. Just as 7s, 11s are also a mental energy, sexuality performed with passion and love can and will fine tune your health. Sports as well as physical and mental activities are without a doubt for you the perfect prescription.

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