We are abundance! Or, are we?


We are abundance! Or, are we?

The Law of Attraction | The Secret | You Can Get Whatever You Want… are lines that have become cliché in the lips of many, especially new age and spiritual students.

It sounds good and, at the same time, it feels awesome. Yoopy!!!

Being a spiritual student and teacher to many – they don’t know, but in reality all my students are teachers to me – I’ve followed this belief for many years now, but lately, I began to question the whole thing…

Indeed, abundance seems to be our heritage. For instance, just look at an apple seed. It shows-up from an invisible source, can turn into an apple tree, and has the power of multiply to infinite measures.

Ok, so my Source is abundance, therefor, so am I! I no longer believe it, I know it!…

          “So!? What is the point you’re trying to make Mr. Santos?”

The point is simple. Abundance, doesn’t mean:

  1. Get tones of things.

  2. Buy and throw away.

  3. Take long and endless showers.

  4. Have every light on in the house.

  5. Eat like a pig.

  6. Drive a huge SUV to a parking lot and leave the motor on while going to the supermarket. After all, my son needs to keep cool, so that the air-conditioned runs…

No, abundance doesn’t mean abuse, it doesn’t give me the right to drain and waste Earth resources. Climate change, modified foods and animals going instinct, are a small yet alarming example of what I’m try to share here with you here. New illness pupping out here and there and I’m not counting the massive stress, anxiety and depression it creates due to the ‘competition’ this so called abundance creates…

That’s all folks… you mind can travel the rest… like me, you’ll see that abundance without respect and responsibility is nothing but a sweet and illusory way to destruction…


António L. Santos

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