When meeting with me expect:

New Pub Antonio

Hello, this is António,

When meeting with me expect:

  1. A Full, elaborated and Intuitive Numerology reading.

  2. A responsible Palm Analyses – Chirology.

  3. Holistic-Coaching based on your Life-Code.

These sessions – in terms of accuracy – are the same, in person or via Skype, it is your choice.

Each session is 1:30h.

Cost, $80.00

It comes with the recording and valuable interesting documents for self-coaching and self-awareness.

I need your FULL name as it is in your baptismal papers (or something of that nature) and your date of birth.

If you have any questions concerning another person/s (you can ask up to 3 additional) the same info is needed. However, if your situation is specific and needs particular attention – decisions or – you may want to consider waiting on what concerns other people, or, ask for an extended session.

Don’t expect any ‘magic wand’, ‘fireworks’ or ‘lightshow’, this is a serious service where both of us will focus and work towards all possible solutions to your very important situation…

Thank-you for choosing NCC-Coaching | your Coach António L. Santos | Since 1999 | Montreal Canada

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