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We can’t be sure of anything and this is why I often choose to look at facts, because against facts there are no arguments.

Fact, that which I call ‘my body’ is not me, my body is matter and the real me is frequency.

Fact, I am not the result of a sexual relationship between my parents, for no one knows how to make another… I could go on but I’m sure you get the point.

We visit earth with a reason – an intent – and not by chance. You are the choice of your own desire, and not the creation of some superior being. Think of that superior being as the Ocean and then see yourself as a wave expressing itself within the Ocean, you can’t live out of the ocean, but you are not the ocean’s creation, in reality you are the one using the Ocean in order to be. Waves come and go! You and I come and go. At the end, all that is left is a memory.

Your name and birth date encloses a ‘vibrational’ code of information, and that is what I’m going to talk about, referring to Whitney.

Whitney’s Destiny number was a 9, so was her Personality (day of birth) and third and fourth Pinnacle, this tells me that she was what I call, an Incarnated Angel. 9s are the Mother Teresa’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s of our society, their heart’s beat for others. Very generous they are compassionate and philanthropists, and yes, they are faced with tough challenges during their passage here, many of them suffer in silence. They are courageous and brave, and when the suffering becomes too much they will seek ways including substances to ease that pain and escape.

There is, if I can use the word, a dark side to the 9, it speaks of endings, conclusions, completions, coming to the end of… which in most cases translates into injustices, drama’s, difficulties and confusion.

Whether within their families or in a large scale 9s leave a mark. Whitney was born into power, abundance and success, ‘Pinnacle 8 from 0/27 years of age’ no matter how poor she may have been at the beginning, something was to happen to lead her towards success. Yes, she had to work a lot shown by her ‘Challenge 1’, ‘Motivation 13/4’ and ‘Karmic Lesson 4’. Challenge 1 always speaks of a lack of ‘self’ meaning, there was someone or something or both that stole her independence, with the presence of the ‘9’ there could be dramas and major difficulties to cross. However, in many cases that lack of independence also comes from that which is imposed upon us.

Whitney was placed in a world of glamour, fame, material success, image… however, her heart did not beat that drum, ‘Destiny 9, Personality 9, Expression 7 and Maturity 7’ such numbers can only feel fulfilled when it touches or is touched by Spirit. Her true satisfaction lied on feelings such as “I made a difference!…” something that was not always allowed by those around her. Lacking the fulfillment her heart desired, sadness, feelings of “I do not belong!” “Why am I here?” “What’s the use?” were without a doubt current feelings in her life.

If you look at Whitney’s chart you’ll notice that her ‘Inner Desires 3’ (the consonants of her full name some numerologists may call this ‘Heart’s desire’ ‘Inner personality’ ‘Secret wish’) in conjunction with Pinnacle 8 (from 0/27 years of age) and Pinnacle 1 (from 27/36 years of age) tell us that she was to live, experience and enjoy material success. When you look at the final Pinnacles, 9 and 9 (from 36 onwards), the story of her life was to change and be a totally different one, a second life if you will.

When operating under the energy 8 and 1, Inner Desires 3 stands for voice, expression, communication and the center of attention that may very well lead to a ‘stage’, performance, beauty – wonderful to listen to and beautiful to look at. When operating under Pinnacles 9, (from 36 to the end of her life) Inner Desires 3 stands for voice, expression, communication towards a cause – humanitarian causes. For example, “I will put a voice in the mouth of those who wish to speak but can’t…”

It is obvious to me that for Whitney that was not to be an easy task. She felt alone and confused, (Expression 7, Challenges 7 and 7 along with Maturity number 7, these frequencies are very difficult to sail through) energy 7 can be a beautiful energy to experience if you connect to your higher self, but it can be self-destructive if you do not. 7 is what we call a celestial number, one that can find loads of confusion here on earth. 7 also stand for truth, when it lives or is forced to live and accept illusion, sooner or later nothing works and the worst can be expected.

Slowly after the age of 36 her voice began to shift – went through major change – obviously she didn’t know she was supposed to use it differently. Instead she tried to come back and do the same as before. Let me remind you that we are frequency – specific frequency – no matter how hard you squeeze an apple, you will never get a drop of orange juice. The beginning of 2000 (age 37), not only her voice shifted, problems also began to arise, huge problems with drugs and alcohol. Yes! Whitney’s life was not to be the same.

Our Destiny is traced but not static. We bring along options of possible paths we can take and experience. Had she known that the second part of her life was really to be involved in some humanitarian movement or foundation or… chances are she would still be here among us. Like her many come with two distinct parts of life to live and go through, it’s almost like living two lives in one. That doesn’t mean she failed, it simply means the more could have been done in terms of help, assistance, presence, hope and of course, ‘points’ for lives to come.

Nevertheless, she will not go unnoticed, I’m sure she left a mark in many people’s lives. I don’t know much about her other than that she was a great singer, beautiful to look at, and now, since I’ve done her numbers, also know that she was an Angel that visited earth but didn’t choose to stay long.

Celine Dion also caries 9s, her Motivation is a 9 and so are two of her four Pinnacles, one of them being the last. If you do some research on her you’ll find that her interest is moving more and more towards humanitarian causes:

Dion has actively supported many charity organizations, worldwide. She has promoted the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CCFF) since 1982, and became the foundation’s National Celebrity Patron in 1993. She has an emotional attachment to the foundation; her niece Karine succumbed to the disease at the age of sixteen. In 2003, Dion joined a number of other celebrities, athletes, and politicians, including Josh Groban and Yolanda Adams to support “World Children’s Day”, a global fundraising effort sponsored by McDonald’s. The effort raised money from more than 100 nations and benefited orphanages and children’s health organizations. In addition, Dion has been a major supporter of the T.J. Martell Foundation, the Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, and many health and educational campaigns. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Dion donated $1 million to the victims of the storm, and held a fund-raising event for the victims of the 2004 Asian Tsunami, which subsequently raised more than $1 million. After the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, Dion donated $100,000 to China Children & Teenagers’ Fund and sent a letter showing her consolation and support.

Whitney Houston: Date of birth: (9 of Aug. 1963) 9+8+1+9+6+3=9 (reduced to one digit) Date of death: (11 of Feb. 2012) 1+1+2+2+0+1+2=9 (reduced to one digit)


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